### NEWHC/hidden map for MW 65 - VOTE! ###

Ultimate is proving to be a HUGE success, and the feedback i am getting, from both old and new players is

The main reason for this is mainly the free yama has been dissabled or as i call it “hidden map”

With the big map in MW this round, i strongly belive we would see a complete diffrent round than we normaly see. with farming, and core style game play. The hidden map is sutch a sick benefit for the Semi active and smaller fams and should directly help even out the diffrences between big and small. + also alow attacker spread all over the map.


It is fun, but only the most active players have time to check their cores 24/7… might cause disparity between top and bottom fams

Gonna make this a poll as it’s less of a game-wide feature to prioritize and more of a round setting. It’s also important to see who doesn’t want this.

Do you want Milky Way 65 to use the “limited map”?

The following selectors would disabled:

  • Other Families
  • Enemies
  • Unexplored
  • The “Family Picker” (flag icon) in the top right of the map is also removed.
  • Yes: Let’s use the limited map for MW65
  • No: Let’s leave it as it is for MW65

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As a reminder, MW66 won’t have setup polls so this is your chance to vote for this specific feature in MW if you’re curious about it.

I don’t think i would return with map hidden, too time consuming.

Imho ic should be playable with 3 minutes per tick gameplay (1h overall per day).

If i need to check 100 systems manually and sent 100+ raids manually one by one,i am not even going to bother.

You can still get planet lists. And if you are in a family like MW, you alone would not be responsible for checking all systems

Yeah, the FTP spell could still get you pretty far, whereas right now it’s pretty much useless. Though, attacking would still require a fair more amount of tedium which might favor the hyper-actives, as @Picklearmy mentioned.

On the other hand, I can see this as a defensive gain for everybody which would in theory curb farming a bit across the board.

I can see this going well either way.

How come this stuff gets added into a vote 4 days before round would start and it seems it would be ready to be implemented when ppl joined already according to the current set up?

You had a topic up couple weeks before EOR last round. Save this for another round after u had a vote up for a while and people have some actual time to find this and vote.

And what the % you are looking for to decide on a yay or nay anyways?

It’s hardly the first time we make adjustments after the first polls. Players have suggested and enacted other changes including more e-ships, family merges, etc.

This is also the last round polls will happen, so there is no “another round” for votes to be had on this specific feature.

As far as percentage, it’s usually majority of votes cast. So whoever “wins”, unless there are compelling enough arguments to decide against the majority.

Fwiw, this dissatisfaction with a flexible process is exactly why we are doing away with polls. :stuck_out_tongue: So enjoy it while it lasts.

Sol just wants to attack with the map on easy mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Sol is by far one of the top attackers in this game today, and this hidden map makes his JOB ALOT harder :stuck_out_tongue: so i understand why he votes against it. but if you think about the game and the players for a change and not winning this feature will do ALOT for all those fams getting farmed.

So for all the players out there who dont have 24h to spend IC a day, this hidden map will work in your favour!

Lol how would the hidden map be a benefit for semi active attackers, it takes them more time to check systems and send fleets.

and LMAO Pickle votes yes and seeing how u fought in the war last round u play by phone most of time and use fleetelite. Save this as an option for MW 66 or keep this out of the regular gals.

Also, you only have the returning players and drafts in fams now…how about the randoms, don’t they get to vote?

Everybody can vote.

ITS CLOSE to impossible to compete with your activity Sol and with the free yama and your activity its close to impossible to spread on your fam couse the map revels all enemy location with one click. If you wana check every system thats up to you, but in mw thats gone be close to impossible even for you :stuck_out_tongue: this goes both ways semi or super active. Hidden map makes it a more even playing field and ALOT harder to dominate for the super active.

No no Hardcore

u wont survive hardcore WS, stick to MW :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t want to go back to hunting for unexplored systems.
Takes to much time, especially on the phone.

Ha ha airing I still hold the record for taking planets in Hardcore back in Draco in Sept of 2009 go look it up. Took about 3500 planets but I’m not playing anyway just voting

for MW, and because i know the members of my fam are nice players but they hardly login every tick to search for intruders or hunt unexplored planets, leave things as they are. if u want to change it, create a second, more hardocre galaxy for it, but casual players should have these tools, else the game isnt really playable for them imo

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We may end up doing that in the reverse; Milky Way was originally the difficult galaxy, so we may at some point open up a second as some have suggested to look like what MW currently looks like. That way MW can go back to how it originally was.

Not sure if we have enough players again for that just yet though.

Only if an IC MapGen kind of solution is offered again, I’m not playing MW with a closed map like Ultimate