Morale % - Fixed? 😵



  1. Not enough Morale. :sushing_face:
  2. Morale code delicate, widely ingrained, and difficult / risky to amend. :face_with_monocle:

Proposed Solution:

  1. “Regular” (non-hc) galaxies are in a (game enforced!) “state of war”. :crazy_face:

= = = = = =


  1. The possible loss of the ingame NAP feature. (War Declares and NAP features seem rather interconnected, but the NAPS can be turned off - so possible room for @I_like_pie to muck about).
  2. The effects a War Declare has on the game in its current form.
  3. Possibly the ability to employ 25/35% rule. :confused:


  1. Morale in nearly its original form - at all times. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:
  2. Room to account for our smaller player base - by making operations more plentiful, but not unbalanced. Sussed out in OP Count - Fixed . :moneybag: @Groot (Undeath) Thank you for help here!
  3. The freedom amend what a War Declare does.
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Hypothetical syllogism (tree?):

  1. War effects become the “New Normal”: ----> (Acronyming! “NN”). <----

  2. War Declare feature might actually survive. It might be as simple as making pressing the “Declare War” button represent 2x the “NN”.

  3. In-game NAPS might also be unaffected. (polly not)

  4. Ops adjusted to reflect “NN”. ( OP Count - Fixed )

  5. All ops that change the game status of another player cost 10%.

  6. All other ops cost 5%.

  7. Morale gain capped @ 15% (5% + 10% back per tick from Morale planets.)

If I how I think this game state could be achieved is at least partially correct…

  1. If the Declare War button is removed, it is a negligible tradeoff for full bore morale. Likely could be brought back when ready to rock. Same prolly goes for the In-Game NAP feature, I would guess somewhere in the code those two are playing footsy. Removing both features from view (and possibly the “You are at War” message on your homepage) and from behind the curtain - put everyone at war.

It’s ghetto, but bam you got proper morale and slick ass op totals.

Currently all Non-Harm Ops cost 5%. It appears to a be a code enforced limit, so at least in my understanding if the limit exists in one place - it perhaps could be transposed to enforce the cost of Harm Ops @ 10% :sparkling_heart:

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Reserving this space to move post.

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I am not a coder.
I try to pay close attention when the game gets pushed to it’s limits.

I have zero official power, I am just a player.

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