Mod in milky way

Its sad to see our newest Mod leading the #1 fam in MW is raping/farming the bottom fam. I always thought Mods was held to a higher standard? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway congratz TBO on the modship! :smiley:

Not sure if joking, but mods are allowed the same freedom to play as anybody else. :slight_smile:

It’s a volunteer job, not a prison sentence. :wink:

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nope not joking, just point out that long lost ic honor seems to be totaly gone now with a vet mod farming :slight_smile:

The honorable thing to do on a failing thing is to just end it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Honor meaning leaving a failing thing be is just ridiculous!

In order to stop, they would have to agree… or not have the ability to continue.

They have said they wanted to be a pain forever, so we are taking away their res planets.

If they would like a nap, all they have to do is ask, and I’ll sign it…

Also who’s a vet mod? This is the first week of my modship…

Another fun tip, I have lost all IC honor long ago, and that is surely not a secret at all.

I feel totally opposite about this issue for mod playing in galaxy. I mean, I’ve been in last place fam for almost 3 rounds straight in Milky Way. I decided I should stay out of MW for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

well Veg, if we all think like that there wont be many players in milky Way left…

Keep in mind its a game, and the guy your raping is most likely not the guy running his mouth…he just a random trying to have som fun in MW.

Use have been offered a nap…change leadership.
We raided at bor use gave up fully but said use will opp us and vulture all round. If use don’t accept nap we have no choice but to shut use down and take away that chance.

Im shocked!! This is a war game and war is the main objective. Every one knew the delay and had the same info. Please dont make out that TBO winning a round atm isn’t right just because he freely helps to keep the gaming running. Unreal how you attack when the round starts and people cry. Happened to me so many times. Lets please try and be fair and honest and remember the aim of this game is to win and the rounds are there for different starts and strats. its not like a permanent account and you ruin someones whole game career. Im sure next round some one else will be winning and doing the same


I don’t mean that way. I needed a break because losing 3 times in a row wasn’t funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be still around anyway and I’ll be able to join back and play. Its not like I want to leave IC. I love IC so much. :slight_smile:

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We all feel bad and hope use accept nap but our hands are tied until you do.

Ws and scorp should have known and prepared for this sort of thing because they have been essentially asking for it. We didn’t want it to go on so long or so far but with the threats of hurting our round all round long, we must stop that ability. We all truly hope use just accept the pnap so you can play.

This is not the first time this has happened nore a bor raid. Day 2 were attacks yet no one prepared for attacks on day 2. This is not our fault. Tbo is not to blame and know body in my family has done anything wrong. We wish to nap use refuse…

it’s not a fun part of the game, but losing wars is a part of the game nonetheless. people have been talking about “honor” being gone for as long as IC’s been alive. it’s an excuse people fall back on when they are the wrong side of battle.

what’s particularly silly is when people apply it to staff.

there is no “higher standard” for mods to play by, because there is no standard at all. outside of rule violations, we don’t regulate the way people play. if we forced play styles onto people, the game would be insanely boring.

so enjoy the freedom to play however you want, and let mods do the same.

if you don’t like losing wars, get better. talk with your team, get active, practice econ in the training galaxy.

even after all of that, you’re still not guaranteed safety. it’s a war game.


I know nothing about the conflict, those involved, or any messages that may or may not have been sent. But we are talking about an almost 400 planet count difference, and it is a week into the round. That has always been one of my issues with this game. Has nothing to do with honor, we play this game to have fun and for the interactions with other players. When the fun aspect is taken away, then i think 1 fam has gone to far. War is fine, and if this was a hardcore galaxy, then getting killed off is fine. But if i was a new player in the fam getting attacked would i honestly want to keep playing this game? Hell no. But that just my 2 cents

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1, losing wars is a part of the game, but losing a war is not the same as being farmed to shit even after a loss is obvious.

  1. I am not in the fight, i am looking at from the sidelines, and i truly think its shitty play.

  2. What i ment by higher standard, has nothing to do with the rules or regulating game play. It’s purely respect between players, and when you rape a whole fam to shit since 1 or 2 players ran their mouths it seems to abit much no? its does unwritten rules, you dont kick somone thats laying down…Thats atleast normal pracsis where i am from… :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. And Pie, im sure even TBO would agree on this, the much discussed IC honor. We had alot more repsect for eachother before, there has always been players that didnt care etc, but there definetly was a unwritten codex, even with thousands of players this was pretty clear.

@Acrid you make a good point, but that is as you mention an inherent imbalance in the game. My issue isn’t with that complaint, it’s with people directing it at Mods who just want to play the game like they normally do.

I agree, and this is also how I play. I also never demand planets for NAP, I think it’s also a shitty move.

I don’t however, think it should be mandated that everybody adheres to a forced standard, nor do I think that a Moderator has to change their style of play once they pick up the job.

Yeah, there was the unwritten code of honor, but it wasn’t an enforced rule and for good reason. People can and should be able to play however they want. It’s part of what gives IC its depth.

Your original post here that it’s “sad” that a Mod plays a certain way implies a flawed expectation. Inside of the galaxy, Mods aren’t put on a pedestal. They’re just players, like everybody else.

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ofc im sure we couldnt get a better mod than TBO, though he is a ginger, i am sure he will make a fine mod.

and ofc a mod should be able to play as they choose, but if a mod wont stray away from shitty and unfair play, who will? :stuck_out_tongue: It definitlay dosen set a good exsample for the rest the player pool…and imo it kinda sets the bar.

@I_like_pie No i agree, mods have played in the game since i can remember, and outside of 2 that abused game bugs once there have not been any issues. I would make my statement whether or not there was a mod in the fam when it comes to this situation. There is a difference between a war to go and a war to not allow others to play the game.

That is definitely true, and part of the reason we’ve been pushing towards custom games with faster ticks. It used to be that a 6 week round was ruined and there was nothing left to do. Now we at least have “side” games in stuff like Sirius and Terra. Hopefully it’s less frustrating for people if they know another round is just around the corner.

@Airwing setting the example comes down to every player. There’s no “correct” way to play IC; those who choose friendliness will set their own example, as will those who choose no mercy. Mods don’t set any bar, it’s all down to the players.

Aggressive, deceptive, and shitty play is a valid way to play the game. Diplomacy would be meaningless if this wasn’t the case.

I think from the side lines we look like a bunch of @$$ but if you new the whole story you would know were not a bunch of monsters and have all reached out to there family and family members .

@I_like_pie you know this aswell as i, In society in general, its the person in a lead/authority position who most often set the standard.

" teacher dont smoke marihuana infront of the kids"
lead by exampel.

And in the IC community its you as Dev, tbo and veg as mods who enforce the rules and runs the show… From any point of view that is an authority position, and whether you belive it or not, you do lead by example.

Go back in time look at previous mods and tell me a moderator who played the unfari game like this, i cant remember one, there has been bad seeds in the mod team yes, diplo, torqez the list goes on,… but overall they had a sence of that unwrtitten codex and good judgement for fairplay. And i cant stop beliving thats partialy why they was on the mod team. Atleast thats what it looked like for me as a player. you do lead by exampel.

@Malin if it walks like duck, looks like a duck and qacks like a duck… its a duck to me. And it looks like ur on farming streak taking unportaled planets without a care in the world. you ruined 10 players round and the round just started. The whole story or not, thats low.