Introducing, Manthano: An Empire Training Galaxy

A Persistent and Peaceful Training Galaxy

New Empires Rejoice!

Manthano is a peaceful galaxy that focuses on economic growth and self-actualization. It is a training galaxy recommended for new players, and aggression is forbidden. The top 20 empires are routinely removed to make room for the next generation.

As described above, this galaxy’s primary intention is to provide a casual, non-aggressive environment to learn the game. In-game rankings are still kept, however this galaxy does not have an end-date and as such will have no end of round rankings.

Old players are welcome too, for those who want a more casual experience or even for those who want to test out economic strategies.

“Graduating” Manthano, and Patron Exemption

There is space for 100 empires in Manthano, but the top 20 empires will be routinely and automatically “graduated” to ensure space for newcomers.

All Imperial Conflcit Patrons are exempt from this process, and may stay in the galaxy permanently. If you’d like to become an Imperial Conflict Patron, click here.

Size Settings

  • Galaxy Size: 100x100
  • Planets per system: 7-10
  • Families: 100
  • Family size: 1

Other Settings

  • Unofficial Alliances: Allowed
  • Starting Resources: 100x
  • Cores: 0

Choose your Speed

Manthano is our first galaxy to exist across all 3 servers. New and old players alike are welcome to choose between 1-hour, 15-minute, and 1-minute turn speeds.

Aside from the turn speed, all settings are the same across the different universes.

Click a link below to join, according to your desired turn-speed.

New Players

Existing Players


Good luck, and have fun!

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