Milky Way 56 has been created!

A quick note

The 2-galaxy-per-player cap was recently reintroduced.

This means that if you are currently playing in Supernova, you will not be able to join both MW56 and Balius 2. You’ll need to decide which one you prefer. With that in mind, you may want to read the Balius 2 announcement thread before registering for MW56.

Patron Fighters and above are exempt from this restriction and may play in as many galaxies as they’d like.

Time Settings

  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Starting: 2017-07-26 17:00:00 GMT
  • Ending: 2017-09-06 17:00:00 GMT
  • Market Delay: none
  • Offensive Operations Delay: none

Size Settings

  • Galaxy Size: 100x100 (previous round: 60x60)
  • Planets per system: 10-18
  • Systems: 278 (previous round: 231)
  • Planets: 3768 (previous round: 1858)
  • Families: 8 (previous round: 7)
  • Family size: Flexible (see “Introducing Flexible Family Sizes” below)
  • Drafts: 1

Other Settings

  • Morale formula: “classic” (pre-2015)
  • Unofficial Alliances: NOT allowed
  • Players can NOT choose to stay in fam after round.
  • Starting Resources: 10x
  • Max Defense Stations: 3
  • Cores: 0

Introducing Flexible Family Sizes

Instead of pre-determining the family size like usual, we are going to try something new: the galaxy is opening with only 2 spots per family available with a spot opening up for every family once all fams fill up.

Other changes

  • The 35% NW restriction on attacking smaller empires has returned. We’ll be giving it a go this round but afterward it will become another galaxy setting to vote on.
  • Any given planet is about 3x more likely to have a morale bonus. This is a permanent change across all new galaxies.

Let’s do it!

Existing players can join here.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can join here.

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This looks like an interesting round… will people play? Will they go hardcore? Will pats increase to join all three gals?

I’m sadly excited to see what happens!!!

And 1 draft and no stay in fam… Don’t get comfortable .

Atleat the planet size is way up!

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HOORAY FOR PLANETS! Planets are niiiiiccceeee

So when are you bringing back the ‘Delete Empire’ button?

Likely never! :grin: It’ll be replaced with something far more useful. Still working out the details though.

The round start has been extended by 24 hours. New start time is 2017-07-26 @ 17:00:00 GMT.

10 days?

It’s been 10 days and not one post?

Nothing about anything???

How odd.

Because Discord >forums

7 Praetoria (4293) [64,8] 117 676184 10220
8 (4294) [27,75] 9 21762 201


Why the hell do we keep beating the bottom fams Soo badly into nothing?

This is pathetic…

If I was a new player, or old coming back… I’d leave and never look back. It’s pathetic and uncalled for in so many ways.

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Nobody has a problem with this???

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Or This???

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Nope - activity is their issue - maybe not specific players but family wide

To be honest, take a look at the setup for next galaxy - that will definitely end your issue - it is a temporary fix and most likely just a 1 round setup but will be a nice change of pace from farming the bottom 3 fams

We just explored empty planets … not sure if the empires are being auto deleted or 90 is popping the planets

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TBO, perhaps know what you are talking about before accusing other fams of farming bottom fams :p…

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We (Se7enSins) fam haven’t attacked another family in (other then nap violation) in like 7 days.

Bad TBO - no cookies.

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I’m not accusing families of farming… Not specific families. But clearly someone farmed them and they couldn’t even hold their HS… Which in a gal of 9… means it’s an issue.

Never said you farmed to get into HS, just that someone did.

Please calm your buttcheeks :wink:


Aren’t empires auto deleted after being inactive for so long? I am almost positive that is what happened… haven’t seen any of these fams in the uni attack news.

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But what I have seen is 97 consistently owning 90 :smiley:


They do delete after 7 days.

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