Manthano 2 Mass Secession

We’re going to be lowering our cap in Manthano 2 so that new players have more exploration opportunities.

We’ll start by dropping it to 90, but won’t go further than 75 for now.

This will happen sometime within the next 24 hours, so if you need to adjust your econ, now’s the time!

How will it work? Random secession?

Yeah, it’ll hit planets at random, to ensure a fair redistribution includes some planets near the home systems for newbies’ ease of access.

I’d be glad to give planets to newbies. Can I do that?

Not currently, but I just posted a thread for exactly that:

I think this would be a much better fit for Manthano giving its nature. Feel free to vote and/or provide feedback in that thread.


I just saw that thread, and gave it my vote. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, the secession seems to have slightly improved my econ.


Hah, unexpected surprise!

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We’ve dropped the cap again to 75 as expected. The next drop will be 50.

I’d like to consider the idea of allowing attacks in Manthano. While the restriction has done well to prevent aggression, we are missing an opportunity for newbies to learn how to attack, even if just a training exercise with mentors.

Allowing attacks would be against the original “safe” spirit of Manthano, but perhaps more useful as a training tool. We would still keep the cap, but it would allow newbies additional ways to claim planets from willing teammates and we wouldn’t need to rely on secession as much.

Should we allow attacks in Manthano?

  • Yes
  • No

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This is sounding more and more like Virgo used to be :slight_smile:

If we allow attacks, how would we stop people from other Fam’s attacking us to just destroy planets?

When does an other galaxy, like Supernova open up? This continues planet succession really takes the fun out of the entire round if you are not a n00b.

SN is stuck behind some other work that I’m hoping to wrap up in the next few days. I’ve been itching to get it restarted but think the work will be worth the wait.

Another wave of secessions have occurred, new cap is now 50. I’m not sure how much further we want to drop it, but if planets run scarce again we’ll revaluate. There are now 353 more for the underdogs to get to.

Are we going to end up with 5 planets each, with each planet 1,000,000% OB? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’m actually playing to see how far I can OB. Is there a coded limit?

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whelp, I overexplored.
my ships were sent before I found this thread.
How do I “give up” some planets?

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Could we limit attacks to empires with some sort of limit on NW?

Alternatively, having a huge galactic war between the two fams could be quite fun - and give an opportunity to restart the gal once the war is finished…?

@I_like_pie - Looks like some are over the 50 planet limit FYI


Can we do another mass Secession to reset people to 50?

Not many unexplored planets left and we got some at over 100 planets.

After the reset to 50, perhaps we could then raise it to 60 (give people a chance to find good planets that they just lost.

Done. Next one @ 60 sounds fine.