Manthano 2 Feedback

i am in manthano atm, why is there only 3 planets per system? my first thought what a sick boring galaxy even for me who just wanted to test a start strategi.

Second, if u go with a low speed race, exploring takes for ever, specialy when there is 30 ticks from HS to the first avalible unexplored planet :stuck_out_tongue:

if this was my first encounter with IC, i would prolly not log in many times, way to slow, way to boring. In my opinion this setup bad for a first encounter learning galaxy.


If anything, I’d make it a galaxy where things go faster. People want action, want to see things ‘evolve’. Even in the first couple of hours they’re playing, if not they won’t give the game a proper chance (sad, but true).

  1. One turn, or tick, could be shorter, 15 or 30mins.

  2. Get them to start with Qezians. Someone who just joins the game needs to get a grasp of how things work first. If someone who choses say Camaar builds CFs… he won’t avance in the game. Get them a race capable to do anything, letting them ‘search’ for their role of what kind of type of player they want to be, and once they understand the game sufficiently they can get thinking about what race to chose in another galaxy.

  3. More systems, more planets per system, permitting them to feel like they can keep growing, keep getting beter.


Agreed with your points here.

To intro someone into IC you don’t want them to take 2+ days to get their first taste of Exploring…that’s if they know what they’re doing!

sad thing to see is most of manthano is filled up of old players :stuck_out_tongue: i had to make alot of them delete to fill up Ultimate.

Also the game is imperialconflict and it all revolvs around the battle :stuck_out_tongue: having a learning galaxy with no battle scene seems wierd to me. Also the best way to teach new players is to team them with active players in a real galaxy, that gives them a purpose and they most likely learn from seasoned players. The whole manthano experience was bad, and if i was a new player i’d not stick around.

partialy what makes this game fun is the community and the smack talk regarding wars etc etc, placing new players in manthano you shield them from that part as they are in shit boring galaxy and no relations to whats going on in mw.

why not have 1 family in MW thats dedicated for new players with 1 tutor and with pre implemented PNAPS to all the rest.

but to answer your questions if your stuck on keeping this useless galaxy manthano :stuck_out_tongue:

1: ALOT OF Systems and ALOT OF planets.
2: Make it a small galaxy so distances are small = fast play
3. but it should be kinda like virgo, you get booted on when u reach a surtain level

I’ll join manthano.
Any setup

I think Manthano should have a change up if it’s purpose is to show new people how to play.

  • Faster gameplay - perhaps quicker ticks, smaller map with higher density of planets/systems.

  • Tutor/Mentor based system - You have your “mentor” who can help you and introduce you to the game.

  • Some kind of attacking

We could have the “bot” families as was discussed in another thread somewhere, then newbies could practice attacking.

i dont doubt it one second :stuck_out_tongue: that galaxy should suit you well Frosty! The galaxy is made for pussies and n00bs :smiley:

What it called when u kept losing from pussies and noobs ?


its called going inactive, or it would never happen :wink:

Aww, bullshit and lying… as usual
Haha, yeah, when u lost, u just went inactive… again as usual.

And alot of SN round.

Should i write ur fam and empire name?

Go learn something on ur custom gal.
U might need 5 more round.

well, 2 of those rounds i got blocked …if winning over a blocked empire is something to brag about, that says more about you than me who got blocked :smiley: last round i only played for 2 weeks since i went on vacation. Im sure you can come up with something better?

get your finger out of your ass Frosty, and come play ultimate.


Yeah yeah, can do fair play eh.
I’m interesting more with manthano :stuck_out_tongue:

i know you are you fitt well in that catogiry, and i am sure you will win it :wink: Frosty for Queen of the N00bs! :smiley: