Limited NAPs

Just as we had limited alliances (max 2), we could also place limits on official NAPs.

This could prevent the scenario where rounds move towards excessive NAPs all over the place, which can lead to stagnation and reduced competition.

Unofficial NAPs could still be possible, but like wars and alliances, official NAPs could become more of a strategic choice than something to throw around.

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Definatly agree with this

I think its a great idea. Expanding upon that a bit what if the only way 2 families could sign an NAP is when canceling a War Declaration. I mean yes obviously you could declare war just for the purpose of signing the NAP but just throwing it out as a half cocked idea. Obviously would need a little more thought about but maybe something like NAP can only be signed upon reaching the following

  1. War has been active for 48hr and is now being canceled
  2. Minimum 15 attacks between the two families
    Something like this? Be an interesting thought for a round so families would be required to fight before being able to NAP. Obviously doesn’t stop unofficial NAP’s but just and Idea to go along with this.

My memory is fuzzy, but I recall a similar discussion in the post-Beta rounds about this. Something like two alliances and three NAPs could be set in stone within the game. (As opposed to unofficial ones that had no enforcement within the game.) Uncertain if it was ever coded into the game or not. If it was and later abandoned, the coding may still be in place and just need to be activated.

I think this indeed solves a big part. Limiting the NAPs would make for a lot more warfare. Decreasing the easy raiding of low fams, because you’ll get raided yourself.
Decreasing the infra-whoring, because you cannot guarentee your own safety.

However, unofficial NAP’s could be made, which I guess is interesting, because you’ll see dirty shit like counting differently and starting attacks a few ticks early again.
More bitching in the forums etc. Good stuff!

I’m pro this plan!

This has been implemented via Feature: 2 NAP Limit, please provide any further feedback there.

I’m closing this thread to “release” the votes.

@HFO, feel free to create a new thread for the separate additions/improvements you described.

Thanks, everybody.