Feature: 2 NAP Limit

As described in Limited NAPs, there is now a limit for each family of no more than 2 official in-game NAPS.

This includes outgoing unsigned NAP offers, so plan your diplomacy accordingly.

Families are still free to make their own unofficial peace agreements, though those obviously won’t be enforced by the game itself.


Yay, This sounds promising.

In accordance with bad puns everywhere, I propose we have a special SNOOZE button to cancel NAPs.


This is much better solution. I hate seeing everyone napping everyone, making the game pointless but economic round. :stuck_out_tongue:

In theory this is a good solution. I don’t believe it is though.

Anyone remembers why there used to be unlimited amount of ingame naps? Seems no one recalls. So I’ll refresh your minds.

Once upon a time, in a far away galaxy… There was a limit of 2, 3 or whatever amount of ingame naps, depending on what the galaxy set up was. But everyone started getting unofficial naps signed. These naps got broken, people got frustrated, started playing dishonorable, holding grudges and finally people quit the game because of this.

So they got unlimited naps ingame, with DPA’s etc. in place, so there would be no reason to sign unofficial naps and we’d be done with the whole nap breaking bullshit (excuse my language).

I hope this has been taken into account when making the decision to bring it back to 2 official naps max.

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Are you sure about this? I don’t remember this limit having existed before when i played, and I don’t see any evidence of it in the code or in the galaxy manager interface.

From what I recall, NAPs started as an unofficial thing from the beginning as something created by the players and not the devs (TNT Naps becoming the unofficial standard). It was only after players complained, as you describe, that they were implemented in-game but done so without ever having a cap.

I don’t think this is bringing it “back” to 2 official naps max; as far as I know this is the first time we’ve ever capped them at all.

Maybe my mind is flawed. You’re making me doubt, but I really was convinced it was that way. Maybe we can find something in old forums or some other players can recall this?

Either way DPA was added to make unofficial naps unnecessary (too).

I like the idea of a limited amount of naps though, don’t get me wrong @I_like_pie, but I just hope it won’t result in same amount of naps, but with the bullshit of nap breaking. Maybe unofficial naps could just be considered IA too? I’m just thinking out loud here.

I’m having the same and an additional doubt about the removal of Permanent Naps too. I’ll post it in the appropriate thread.

The way Pie describes the history is similar to how I remember it.

I get what you’re saying here. The way I see things is: with what families do you really value the security of the ingame NAP thing, and with what family do you want to take the risk of getting a knife in your back when you just did your 500 planet-swap con build with all your savings :wink:

Maybe they will break the NAP, and you’re toast :stuck_out_tongue:

To me: if you want to go into unofficial NAP’s, that all good. I would consider it a trust-based, higher-risk, version of the official NAP, but everyone should be free to do it.
And yes, maybe NAP breaking comes back, but thats a trust thing - you’ll have to take it to Discord, so you know who you’re dealing with.

@Orion I can’t find anything concrete about the history, but I did find this about our prior attempt to remove NAPs entirely:


I think your concern is reasonable, and is something we’ve had to consider before. There’s always a balance between structure and freedom, and while NAP breaking does suck when it happens to you, there are some benefits for the game as a whole:

  1. it allows players to more strongly consider how they conduct their negotiations, adding more diplomatic strategy to the game

  2. it allows players to role play as “the bad guy” which I think is something from the older IC that we currently lack.

  3. it makes for a stronger social experience

Still, I think this can be improved. We have an idea about NAP warning + break shaming that may speak to your concerns.

Thanks for the feedback.

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NAPs were not an official coded part of the game originally. Alliances may have been though (definitely were by Beta 4, uncertain of before then), and those were restricted to no more than three families in an alliance.

As far as DPAs are concerned, those did not exist yet when I retired after MW17. And to be quite honest, I still have no idea what a DPA even is.

DPA is Diplomatic Planet(s) Agreement

It is something that both your family have NAP with each other, but found that they’re fighting another family infiltrating OR accidentally explored into the core…so planets can be included as exception for swapping planets.

The only way limited naps would change my gameplay is that you HAVE to fubar your early opponents to make sure they won’t surprise you lateron.