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Ok, my lotr joke is bad, but the game issues seem to be much worse now. By that i mean the lack of people actually playing.

My idea in one sentence is to work on creating another galaxy to attract vets and hopefully gather enough energy to help repopulate the community.

What is the galaxy, essentially like wow classic a classic version of ic without the game breaking bugs.

How to start it off.
Ideally we need 50 people more is always better. Goal is for these people to be leaders and recruiters for the galaxy.

Jumpstarting a new galaxy takes time with 5 rounds the goal is to be at 250 people. [100 fams of 20 would be even better]

Round 1: SS round, activity and competition check,
Each fam works on recruiting one player not currently playing.

Who to ask?, i am assuming you have friends, family, coworkers, know previous players or veterans from when the game was competitive.

Round 2: 2 player team work on recruiting one person
3, 4, 5 rinse and repeat goal is to get up to 5, minimum goals.

What if you want to play but have no experience recruiting or leading a player pool can be created and an additional slot can be added per fam as needed.

What galaxy? Mw is currently being used and can fulfill the evolving more hardcore role. That leaves some options PW or Tri would probably be a good fit for this.

Settings, tbd no need to go back to the betas but a time when the game was still thriving. Open to debate, i am always a fan of mw round 8 and after before major down turn in players.

Drafting?, it is needed for repopulation but it also has the capacity for causing issues. Always an interesting debate on if or how many.

Teams staying together for several rounds, new players being trained always seemed to be the core of what sustained the player base.


Thanks for your feedback @Vash_the_Stampede!

The idea is ineresting, but we’ve suspended additional galaxies for the time being. An explanation is below:

What we need for this to happen is a campaign to train Virgo recruits en masse. We can hit the MW goal any time we want, even in the middle of the current round. We just need the right effort.

Unfortunately, my time right now is completely taken up with the dev priorities described in the Feedback Summary and Roadmap.

We need a focused community-ran effort. If anybody is up for leading such a thing, it sure would be helpful. :thinking:

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How much of the patreon budget can go into google ads? I’m sure that the 12 people on the whole of the internet without adblocker may be interested in IC

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$0, unfortunately. Our Patreon funds are entirely eaten up by operational costs. It very much helps, but isn’t enough for us to run paid ads.

Talked to pie in chat about doing this, If this appeals to anyone email me

Looking for leaders or people just interested in a classic ic format, ideally start in summer or fall depending on interest level…

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I applaud your efforts Ben, but don’t burn too much of your time into this. The real fact is that for games to be successful they need money behind them, and there is none. This game is so old, most players remaining just play because they have friends here and banter. Pie needs to try take this game forward, with whatever developments etc he can, but it’s an uphill struggle. I suggest you just get in, play and have fun with some good and quite horrible people.

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good ideas @Vash_the_Stampede. classic IC, how we want it be…is not the goal of Pie… I am not sure what the goal is…but its pretty clear its not classic IC :stuck_out_tongue:

and why can i say that? couse by looking at the new rules and implementations over the last years we are sadly steadily moving away from classic IC…

look at roadmap… when all the new planed implementations is done… it will be a completly diffrent game than classic IC. and by classic I mean what gameplay was like in 2004-2006. And dont mix how the game looks vs how the game works. We could have had old/classic IC in a new wrapping…without changing it into a new game…but thats unfortuantly not what is going down.

It seems killing the passion and fire is the new norm…its refered to as toxicity now days, though some of the rounds with most players and acitivty are also the rounds with alot of “toxicity” :stuck_out_tongue: write a naugty comment in the forum and u will most likely be community moderated pretty fast, also a new standard…


I think its pretty clear that we are on a wrong path, and have been for along time… and i do not belive its gone get any better aslong as pie is hellbent on making IC into a new game. So we might aswell get afew good rounds in before the next implementation comes… i expect the next alliance update to be the last nail in the coffin for alot of us.

I have no plans to kill “Classic IC”, and have stated as much repeatedly. I do, however, have plans to fix long-standing underlying issues. These are not mutually exclusive concepts.

As for toxicity, I stand by my statement. Passion is not toxicity, and harassing members of the community is not passion. If some players are unable to interact without repeatedly breaking our community rules (which are not new by the way) we may in fact be better off without them. Banning is hardly a concept unique to IC.

As for being “hellbent” on making IC into a new game, that’s pure nonsense. If that were true, I would have made it p2w and cashed out awhile back.

You are not helping anybody by misrepresenting the roadmap that many here contributed to.

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Chriss there’s no point posting, this Pie guy doesn’t give a crap about what people who played this game for 16 years say.

If they’re spreading false information about my goals, as @Airwing is doing above, then yeah I don’t really care much for that. Same goes for players like you @OrBit, who seem entirely incapable of providing critique without being hostile to me personally.

If, however, players are interested in having a productive discussion about how to improve IC, as many are able to do, then I very much care about what they say.

There is a difference. It is possible to be critical without being hostile:

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

If you’re just going to insult me at every chance, then yeah of course I’m going to tune you out. Who wouldn’t?

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Anyway, there appears to be some interest just need to know if i can get enough people to make it work. There will always be people who like changes and others who will enjoy a classic approach so many games created in the 90s and early 00’s have updated graphics and are selling well since this game never really had graphics we dont have that problem lol. If this appeals to you spread the word so we can jumpstart this thing…

Can make it work with 25 leaders, just will take longer to get it to a classic competitive level.

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I know your doing what you think is best @I_like_pie and we all applaud you for the effort you put in.

But for years now its also seems when u try fix the underlying issues by implementing new features that create new issues…the game garadualy moves away from classic IC.
Instead of tweeks we get game changing features and there might not be away around it for all i know.

So fixing the underlying issues might be the goal, but the result of that is a new totaly diffrent game.

And the evidence for that is pretty clear looking at the features that has been implemented over the last years. And even more clear looking at the roadmap of whats to come in the future.
For excample, your new allaince feature has nothing to do with classic IC.

There is no doubt in my mind that your have the best intentions in mind for the game and the players. Its impressive at times how to still keep going after all the shit your getting.

However i know for a fact that most of the players i know would very much like to play the classic IC. Alot of them are on the fence not playing since the game has taken a change for the worse in the last years. and its has nothing to do with toxicity.

So i am not spreading fals rumors pie, i am just reporting on the results that we are seeing form you trying to fix the underlying issues.

I wish we could have 2 versions, Classic IC and NEW IC … and we coold choose what game we wanted to play :yum:

That is exactly what has been proposed mw will stay as it is and a 2nd galaxy with classic rules will be made pw or tri most likely. Just a matter of getting going and finding out if we can get enough people. Go forth and find peoples for me :wink:.

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Well its not Classic IC anymore… we are way past that… the last drops is is and named play.

@Airwing you’re missing a huge point though: new features that get added are almost always added as galaxy settings. This is done specifically to allow us the option to revert new features with 0 code changes.

Why would I build things this way if I was trying to permanently move away from “Classic IC”? I wouldn’t. Same goes with the new alliances: galaxy setting. I’ve explained repeatedly that it will be tested in Infinitum first, evaluated for MW, and adjusted based on player feedback.

You also seem to have forgotten about the Limited map feature that I implemented at your request, specifically to bring back classic-era map behavior. If you’re “looking at the features that has been implemented over the last years”, why are you ignoring one that you yourself suggested?

Is it possible that you are not looking at the entire picture, and focusing only on the things that you dislike?

So yes, you are spreading misinformation, even if you are not doing it intentionally. Instead of just asking for clarity, you’re making a huge assumption and claiming that the sky is falling. It isn’t helpful.

As for the players that you know that agree with you, thats fantastic. Some players also do not. This is evident by the brainstorming session where other players had different ideas than you about what needs to be changed.

And that’s totally fine! :slight_smile: That has always been part of the challenge: creating a game that serves the interest of a huge variety of preferences. However, I have to be considerate of all feedback, not just yours. Some agree with you, and some don’t.

As for named play: that isn’t even a new feature. This was added and removed again when Stefan was still around, and then added again last year.

Please, assume less and ask more. I am involved for a reason.

Hmmmmm if only there were something that was built after I took over that makes this possible. Some kind of… galaxy settings for new features… wouldn’t that be grand? :smiley:

We are hijacking @Vash_the_Stampede’s thread though. Let’s not distract from his efforts to get us to a Classic IC even faster. We have #support:feedback for feedback if you’d like to continue our discussion there.

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ill take the discussion elsewhere…sorry ben :stuck_out_tongue:

I will add you to my list ho, now go find me more people :stuck_out_tongue:

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