Limited map

As requested, a galaxy setting has been added to limit the map’s ability to view certain system types (aka YAMAs).

When enabled, the map’s system selector will go from this:


to this:


That is, the following selectors are disabled:

  • Other Families
  • Enemies
  • Unexplored


  • The “Family Picker” (flag icon) in the top right of the map is also removed.
  • Attempts to access the data directly via the map data handlers will result in this message:
    • {“errors”:{“lookup_failed”:“This galaxy does not allow access to that data.”}}

Lastly, this only works with the current map. The old map doesn’t support this, and as such is disabled entirely when this setting is active.

  • The link to the old map is removed from the Tools page.
  • Attempts to access the old map will redirect to the current map.
  • Attempts to access the old map’s data handlers will return the same error message.
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now we just need to get some other new features for the new map going too, since once the old map is disabled we cant save plist etc :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d almost join, just to bug hunt this :rofl: