Look past the negatives

Sometimes Pie you need to look past the negatives in people and understand the positives. I don’t like you much as a person but I like your determination. You see me as a bad influence, a bad mouth, a bad character. But what you should see is a veteran, a former moderator, a teacher, an influencer and a proper IC villain. I have helped players improve, helped players get that first win, helped players win that first war, helped players communicate, turned average players into legends, pissed many people off to keep them coming back for more.

I got banned from the IC discord server last week. Yeah i’m sure i said some things, and thats just me, but if i over step, talk to me. Were all adults. You have to sometimes come down a step and get in between the players and work with us, have a softer approach.

All the best.

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I see the positives @OrBit, and I appreciate them.

I also have to juggle the negatives though. I’ve already taken a softer approach. I spent a lot of time in the last 3 years talking to players individually after they get banned.

Unfortunately, it has proven to be ineffective. It is also no longer sustainable.

Nor is it necessary. The onus is on players to follow our rules, regardless of how long they’ve been around. Players should not feel entitled to a personal 1-on-1 conversation for violating rules they agreed to follow when they signed up.

Players should especially not expect to be above the rules because of their experience. Our rules do not discriminate. I’ve banned new players, old players, active staff, and top Patreon supporters alike.

I very much understand your positives, however they do not get you a pass. It would be a rather corrupt situation if they did.

Still, you only got banned from Discord, where the offense occurred. You didn’t get banned from the game or from the forums. That’s plenty soft already, and plenty fair.

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I signed up 15 years ago Pie. The discord and the game go side by side, it’s part of the experience since the family forums became outdated. But this doesn’t matter. I deleted from the galaxy and hang up my boots with this game. I have my own server on discord called I Love Orbit. feel free to drop on by :cowboy_hat_face:

Well, if you are unable to play without violating our rules, then that decision makes a lot of sense.

Regardless, I’d love to drop by if that’s not sarcastic. :wink: None of this is ever personal, just doing my job.

People need to grow thicker skin this is a game for adults and the bans being handed out for colorful language being used is a bit silly, there is a ignore function if the person in question doesnt want to see it. As to why its being used as a fellow vet whose advice is routinely ignored, i do get a bit salty and may use less than savory language to illustrate my points.

Colorful language was never the problem. We’re actually more lenient now compared to how we used to be. We used to literally have a banned-word list.

The problem we have is that some players think that being around for so long gives them license to be excessively hostile.

I have been told by new players that they have left for this exact reason.

Trash talk is one thing, and that has always been understood as part of the game. However, harassment is another thing altogether.

If you don’t want to get banned, follow the rules. Being an adult goes both ways.

Fwiw, the bans being discussed here are temporary Discord bans. It’s not as big a deal as some make it out to be. People needing to grow thicker skin also goes both ways.