Leaving IC

So, I finally got around to giving IC a shot, and decided it’s not for me. Nice game, and all, but I’m not really into it (and slowly discovering that I’m not really a 4x guy).

Anyway, even though I’ve been clobbered, and my family is silent, I hate just leaving a game without making sure just “not showing up” isn’t going to screw with the quality of life of the players who actually enjoy it.

As I understand it, I am protection mode after having my hairy butt handed to me. If I leave, how can people take those planets? Otherwise they just sit in a universe that is now 100% inhabited, which seems like a crappy thing to do to you folks.


Sorry you didn’t like it. Tbh 4x is not for everyone. Even when I started playing this game at first I didn’t like it I’m not a 4x played either…but I soon realised that this game was different.

Well you can ask your family to take all your planets and that would delete you…that’s most likely the only way beside just deleting. Of course someone else can attack and take all your planets…


Hey friend,

sorry your stay in this game wasn’t what you had hoped for. If you ever wanna give it another try and are an active player, msg me in discord.



The first round can be super hard for people.
It does get a lot better!

If your first round is in a small family it can be exceedingly frustrating.
If you are a bit of a wolf - and are willing pour through the guide you can make some waves and learn (often the hard way) how some of it works, and the next round get lucky and random into a more competitive and (likely) more fun family.

If you take @Tishxo or @Goddess_of_the_Dead (both rookies last round) they got into families (able) and willing to teach, both of them are Top 10 statistical players this round. Active attackers need bankers that follow instructions, I would bet that the both have received a ton of lessons from their developed teams.

A single voice like yours can make all the difference in this game!
That is so great about IC man!
It’s owner!

Do you think we could consider a “New player” slot for established MW fams willing to accept them? I am sure there are several established leaders that would be willing to bring in a completely new player, opposed to a random slot (myself included!)

It could even work long term as a coded solution.


@Holiday designates himself as “New Player for MW” (2-3 rounds or less experience)
@HydroP leader of fam #xxxx goes into leader options and selects “I accept a new player in lieu of a random vet”.

As an added bonus - it could open up an extra slot in a family so long as they have no “random vets” already.

Watch this response!



I am always up for taking in new players and helping them to learn the game. This game needs to grow and those players need to be taught by good players who teach good habits.


Salt, here?
What the hell?

Hydro is one of the major fam leaders in the game, and has been for years.

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Ffs @Airwing. =[

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I agree with @Darrk first round can be hard for sure. My first round I was with some amazing people that helped me learn the game. I would be willing to help you if you wanted to stick around.


I agree. I did not random into the best fam my first round (I believe we were something around bottom 5) and no one was very active. Now I’m in a good fam this round and it’s made the difference in my deciding to keep playing. I’ve learned so much this round so far. You should definitely stick around @Holiday and give it another go.

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@Holiday ^ established leader, and ancient legendary player.

Where is the love people? :smiley:

@Holiday I completely understand that your first round in IC may not have you hooked. I rejoined after 15/16 years or so only because I had RL friends doing the same. If it weren’t for them I’d have probably lost interest after the first round as well.

Being in a smaller fam can suck, especially if they’re inactive or you’re not experienced enough to chip away at the larger fams (not always possible anyway). However, you’ll tend to find that with each round of experience and jumping around different families you’ll quickly become part of the community, which makes it far more enjoyable. Especially watching all the hero vs villain in the forums :joy:

If you do to decide to stick around, take up an offer in here from one of the vets and your experience and network will be completely different from that point on.

As for @HydroP, he had a lot of options last round after the horde fiasco and ended up with our family (One too many) - we weren’t a family with big name players. We have 4 of the same players this round, plus 1 random and 1 draft so I wouldn’t say he always gathers a group of vets.

I also think @Airwing is one of the best leaders I’ve had, so I’m not completely biased :stuck_out_tongue:


@Ploddy Here here! :+1:t2::metal:t2:

@Holiday thank you very much for taking the time to leave your feedback! :+1:

Fwiw, you landed in Milky Way as a new player which is not the most newbie-friendly experience. We have plans to prevent that in the future.

If you’re willing to give something with less pressure a try, you’re welcome to join Infinitum instead. :slight_smile: It’s not perfect there either, but there isn’t the same expectation to perform so the mindset is a bit different.

I’m actively giving away my planets to other players if you want to give that a shot. If not, that’s ok too. Either way, thanks again and you’re very welcome to hang out with us in forums and chat alongside other retirees. :smiley:


@Holiday definitely give it another round! There are a lot of vets that would love to take you in and a lot of experienced players who make this game worth while


I really appreciate all the advice, and I will certainly keep it in mind! I can’t say I’m leaving the PBBG circuit on the whole, so it is entirely possible that I may circle back around and give it another go at a different time. Seems like there is a great community here, as well, but like I mentioned, I’m finding that 4x just is not my thing.

But hey, tastes change! Who knows what the future brings, and since this game has so much staying power, I reckon it will be there waiting when I’m ready to try again.

As for my planets, well, I’ll figure that out over the next few days…


I find the thing that really sucks u in is if u fight your first big war. At that point, you just become emotionally attached


Me too bye it was fun

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April fools ,but honestly people been saying the game been dying for years.

We outlasted ultimate online, earth2025 among others.

We have to be able to keep players

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I’d be willing to take a new person on happily. The last 2 rounds ive played ive taught 2 completely new players and a returning player from over a 10 year break.