Galaxy joining requirements

As an alternative (or in combination with) the idea to Bring back Virgo, we could also have galaxy settings that enforce requirements to join. For example:

  • You can’t join MW unless you have already completed 1 round

    • prevent multi and market abuse
  • You can’t join a HC galaxy unless you’ve reached a specific rank

    • prevent whining
  • You can’t join a standard galaxy unless you’re under the galaxy limit

    • existing logic would be re-written
    • would also allow us to turn off this requirement if we wanted to open up experimental galaxies that ignore the limit

This achieves the same “gate” effect against multis that Virgo would, but in a broader sense that also allows other features.

I reached my voting limit it would seem. :slight_smile:

Left click the blue “Limit” button one time.
Little window pops up.
Click blue writing “List your votes”.
List of votes appears.
Find a topic you like less, get your vote back by clicking “Vote” or “Limit”.

Once in a while a topic gets completed and you can’t take your vote out of it right away.
Pick another topic if there is one you like less.

This is pending work for Achievements.

Idk, I’m a total nooby mc noobface and I’m getting my butt kicked in SN and I’m not whining :see_no_evil:

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