HydroP and teaching


Having HydroP avl to ask questions to about how to play the game is the only reason I’m doing remotely decent in Infin. I’ve had zero help via market aid or otherwise. My current ranking is due to knowledgeable information given and my ability to take that information and utilize it. I’d say that makes HydroP a pretty good teacher. And someone whose fam I’d be willing to recommend to any new player.


Leaving IC

Well, which years? I’ve been gone for the last… 7-8?
Those must have been the exciting ones =]



He’s mainly been guiding the active players… So he can keep them in his top teams.
His guidance to only slightly active players has been mainly removing him from his family.

If you’re going to have someone invest only in active players, this game will remain MW with 15 families of 5. Other have been randoming in with the low families to educate noobs on how to survive without having all the tools of a top 3 fam to your exposal. I’d rather have those unsung heroes get the active noobs than Hydro so he can maintain the current top 3.

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I, for one, would love to see evidence of any claims made against me.

That way, if proven to be true…I can admit fault and seek to change my ways.

Failure to provide proof means you are salty and looking for an outlet to harm my good name. Of which I will happily accept and cry myself to sleep at night so you cannot see it!



If someone is not very active why would you bother to invest in them though? That makes no sense. Why invest in someone who shows no desire to contribute their time and effort?

Who has (on purpose) randomed in with a low family for the purpose of educating noobs in those families on how to survive? Pretty sure that’s not a legit thing.

That has a distinctly spiteful smell to it. What does it matter what his standings are if a noob is getting to learn the game from someone who has the skill to maintain a top 3 position?

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Lol, Pie is so going to split off this thread.

You tools.


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:woman_shrugging: :joy:

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It’s spiteful in the sense it’s written.

But your claim only active players are worth investing in, is why this game is on the brink of death.
If this were true in any sport, only winners would be playing them.

It’s about investing in more than just those who can help you win a quick round. It’s investing in those who can one day beat you at your own game. Back in the day, tutors used to be a big part of this game and they were what made this game one of the biggest online webbased strategy games of those days.
There were no drafts back then. It was randoming in some families and hoping for the best. In this also lied its power. Vets were forced to play with noobs and forced to invest even though they had no idea if there ever would be a return. If you are only willing to invest in those you know will make a return, this game will never get back to its glory days.

But those are just my two cents. I know there’s plenty of people who disagree and they’ve become a stable core of this game and kept it in its grasp for several years now.
I’ve already spoken about my concerns regarding this, I’m just pointing out giving the top 3 fams drafts of active noobs will only make them stronger and will most likely creater a larger gap between all families where a structure that forces vets to play with noobs creates a more stable foundation for the future of this game.

I have nothing personal against Hydro, just what he represents.
A leader getting credit for gathering a group of other vets and maybe one noob to get the lead as where there are leaders of smaller families, often a group of noobs, who work hard a whole round to accomplish as much as possible knowing they will never really succeed are even more important to this game.



What you perceive he represents. You have a biased opinion of him and you refuse to see past whatever it is that makes you dislike him. The whole point of playing is to win. If you choose not to set yourself up with the best possible combination of fam members in order to accomplish that goal then that is your own fault and no one elses.

I don’t believe you can correctly assume that all noobs are going to be active so, in my opinion, this invalidates the above claim. Also Darrks idea wasn’t restricted to the top 3 fams. It was new player marks they want to play MW, Leader marks they are willing to take a noob vs a seasoned vet. Any leader can choose to do this, giving no one fam a distinct advantage on noobs.



Wait what?

I suggestd family leader opt to have new players (who opts to be placed!) placed in their families over forcing new players to be randomly dumped into fams that may or may not be dead.

As much as I disagree with @Airwing about a great many things in the game - I have zero doubt of his ability to train up a total rookie on the basics of the game.

I would rather have @Airwing or @HydroP (my worst enemy this round, MW) choose to train a noob in MW then have what we have here with @Holiday this round.

I would assume that notion mutual.



Your argument is flawed for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t just go and gather “vets” to try and win the round. I try and win the round no matter who is in my family. I can only gather those players through drafts and whoever randoms…randoms
  2. I don’t kill off semi-active players. I kill off inactive players or toxic players.
  3. I don’t just help out players in my family during a round. Goddess is not even in my fam and I have helped her out constantly through the last 2 rounds. As well, I have received MANY messages from players in families that are opposed to me this round for advice and have given them advice to help them have a better round.
  4. I have market aided fams this round knowing I would get nothing in return but hoping that it would help them have a better round.
  5. As I said before, I always try to win a round no matter what fam I am saddled with. But when I realize a win is not possible, then I set new goals for that round and seek to achieve them.

You are saying I “represent” something that you view as negative. But the problem is that you are viewing me through a lense in which you clearly have a biased view. I want nothing more than to help players learn this game and become my competition. But that doesn’t mean I should stop trying to win while doing so. I am not the guy who teaches another person how to play a game by taking it easy on them. They learn by losing so much better than they ever will by me taking it easy on them.

Hell, I am starting a Youtube channel for IC with the hopes of creating guides on gameplay and strategies with the hopes that it will help other players become good players. So please take your salt and shove it back up your own ass lol.

You are trying to correlate my ego and brashness with who I am in-game and what I am trying to achieve and that is your failure. Not mine.

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I have a feeling you and our Goddess are in the same room as I’m pretty much hearing I’m biased, so I’m going to respond to you directly.

I clearly have a biased opinion of everyone, relying on an unbiased opinion of anyone I speak of would mean I have no opinion of them. And speaking of anyone I have no opinion of is makes any argument I make irrelevant.

Yes, you are the one of claims you are a good player with good habits. This clearly clouds my opinion even more, as I’ve yet to see this side of yours. That’s why when Darrk claimed you have shown this over and over again, I can’t but see the last rounds I’ve played in which I’ve seen your play from the outside and one round in which I was your ally. Until our leader acted rash and with 0 proof dropped us, whereafter you backed him up without any proof you right now are asking me to deliver to your door.
I’ve seen you as a hypocritical person and a unreliable ally the round I played with you. So that would be my biased proof in which I can claim my opinion you’re, in my eyes, a bad player. I’ve seen you get upset over a simple dispute and using your alliance in a personal vendetta and when we disagreed to fight your fight any longer you called us disloyal. The thing you later without a hesitation showed you are by dropping us without even an actual conversation about it. Your assumptions were true to you and the word of one person was enough for you to act as you did.

This round, I’ve been gone pretty much the two first weeks of the start and I’ve only watched from the outside to hear you were an acclaimed leader and greatness in this game. Instead of being a honourable human being, you seem to have taken the title and even like to boast about your current stature. As far as I’ve seen, you were part of active groups and will try to remain so. I’ve never seen you random into a fam and just making the best of it. So yes, you’re right now the focal point of this conversation. I’d have written it about plenty of other players too, you can trust me on that. I’m not saying you’re the reason this game is failing, I’m saying this game has been rotting from the inside out and that the draft principle is what made it so.

I wanted to keep this just to a small remark in the beginning to point out you should have some dignity and not to claim your fame, but other people jumped in to defend you and I love to discredit anything worth discrediting.
If you need to point out you find yourself a great player, it’s like having to tell people you’re intelligent. It should be redundant.



Not really sure how hearing that you’re biased correlates to us being in the same room but ok. :woman_shrugging: I’m pretty sure my comments are due to feeling like you are biased.

I suppose others claim to his fame (long-time vets) and jumping in to defend him mean nothing to you. If he’s not the only saying he’s a great player then it stands to reason that he might actually be a great player. Just a thought. :thought_balloon:

But I digress, I’m convinced at this point you will argue for the sake of arguing and nothing anyone says is going to change what you think. :+1:



It’s not a claim @Mrblonde.

Hydro has been around forever, Betas I believe.
It’s simply fact.
He lead strong competitive fams pre- MW 20, and is still leading top fams now.

I used him as an example, ffs - I could have said myself, or Kingray, or Rizz, Random, Pie, Swagga, Ordos, PA, Lethals, Ploddy, Jets, or you.

Any of these players would be well situated to train a completely new player, over said new player possibly randoming into a dead family.



I don’t need to tell anyone I am a great player. I choose to do so. And I can back that up through a LONG history of being one.

No, I do not random. I choose to draft in a couple of players that I enjoy playing the game with. For the longest time that was all Horde members. This round, however, it was some players that chose to draft me after the Horde was smashed last round and I really kicked it off with those guys.

And I was right to call your fam disloyal last round. You were disloyal. Your family made statements after what AW and co did to us as an alliance last round that you were never going to give up trying to take them down and then your fam turned around and went back on your word. I wasn’t “using” your alliance, I was expecting us to stay as allies and work together towards a common goal. When that word was broken, then what is the point of having you as an ally? What is an ally that won’t help me out?

Hypocritical? Really? I don’t break NAPs and that is the one thing I am “holding a grudge” over in this game.

As well, the fact that you don’t know who I am from years ago when I was always one of the players dominating this game is not my problem…that is yours for not paying attention. I have gone through every phase in this game: unknown noob, average role-player, desired/drafted attacker, leader of average fams, leader of decent fams, leader of great fams. I am where I am because of the relationships I have built with specific players over the course of my time in this game and also the amount of knowledge in this game that I have amassed.

And of course you have only “seen” me in active groups. That is because you haven’t paid attention when I am not in one. As well, I am not going to go out and try to play with non-active groups. What would be the point in playing with non-active players? They do nothing for this game or me!

You want to talk about honorable play? @rizz @Power @Ordos234 @kingray ask any of those guys the past few rounds if I have shown them honorable play or dishonorable. These are all players that I could have screwed over/raped/farmed or some other move that I have chosen not to do because I felt it would be wrong to do it.

My fam this round would be over 1500 planets if I unleashed them to just go and smash anyone they wanted. But I have held them back and forced my guys to have a pretty much boring round because they have only been allowed to war 1 fam all round with 14 being our final war of the round.

Hell, @Tezcatlipoca himself has stated that I was one of the players who he learned from back in the day. Now look at him. He is one of the elite players playing the game right now.

And lets be clear here, I never go around saying I am the best player in this game. I would never make such a claim as I don’t believe I am. But a great player? Yeah I most assuredly am. If Bill Gates goes around telling people he is one of the richest people in the world, it may be egotistical to say it, but it doesn’t make it any less true. I don’t need to play with noobs to help them learn. I help people learn something new in this game every round including veteran players.

Oh, one last point here. When @Ploddy drafted me into his fam last round, those guys offered me leadership of the family. I turned it down. I did not want to come into an established family and take over. And I even went as far as to tell them that if they did not want to take part in my vendetta against AW that I would gladly put it aside for the good of the family. They all ended up agreeing that the most likely chance of winning was to go after AW and co.

Your vision is clouded by a lack of knowledge about me and what went on last round and has turned into a dislike for me. Which is fine, I don’t need you to like me. I don’t dislike you, but I don’t know you either.




Tho I am not quite sure how it all wound up in this thread, but stuff leadt to stuff. :woman_shrugging:t2:



Pretty sure that was Earwig. I mean Airwing. :smirk:



what did i do now? :smiley: . i like all you, you should all market aid me to finance the doom





Wow, Hydro’s mum endorses his teachings, legit as. :joy: