How much opp defence is needed

I would like to know how much defence is needed to stop someone opping you when you are the larger player.

My understanding was when a smaller player ops a large player it is based on the number of wizards/agents (modified by magic bonus for wizards) modified by the spell difficulty.

In my case i had 150k wizards the person opping me had 1 mil net worth,
i do not know there exact wizard count but as they had over 100 planets with buildings and some other fleet my guess was around 500-600k wizards.

I was estormed 7 times with no fails, since its a hard op i thought they needed 6 times my power as we are both partax that would be 900k wizards while technically possible doesn’t seem likely given there pcount and previous networth.

I then upped my wizard count to 300k and they opped me a few more times with no fails, so now i don’t know how much defence is needed. 300k should have been enough to stop 1.8 mil wizards? they only had 1.05 mil networth at the time of the second lot of ops, so they couldn’t have that many?

If someone could let me know how its meant to work that would be great.
The actual formula would be even better.


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Mechanics are Broken.

I don’t see the magic bonus correction in your calculation

Suppose you have 200k wizz with -10% magic. Relative Wizzie power = 180k wizz

A pax could storm you with 180k x 5 / (1+70% magic bonus) = 530k wizz

In this case we are both pax, but its should be times 5 rather than times 6?

would be 150k*5 being 750k which was about the max he could possible have if he had no other fleet or buildings which seems unlikely.

But 300k*5 would still be 1.5 mil and he only had 1.05 mil net worth at that point.

I smell bugs

thanks, i’ll see if i can get the actual numbers to confirm.

I got the real numbers. Both pax
First he had
250k vs my 150k 7 success estorm no fails.
400k vs my 300k 3 success. Then he got some failures, I didnt remember seeing any failures in my news

Logged this as a bug now under

enemy source must be reliable… he can lie about fails

Numbers needed to cast spells and defend against spells have been screwed up for a lot of years. I’ve seen instances where a Partax is trying to hit another Partax and fails consistently despite having more wizards than the other person has net worth.