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Shield thingy (1)
Custom Race Creation (12)
Mass OB Report in Recent News (2)
Too Many Buildings Under Construction on New Planet (7)
Attack fleet bug (7)
Data checking (1)
Attack error (3)
I am bad at things (6)
Income Control Center (Centre) (3)
News item from another empire (9)
Family forums don't properly sync membership with actual family (5)
Tmp is ending (3)
Repeated error during war: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable (10)
Projected Morale loss is incorrect for core planets (3)
Morale cost is double than what it shows (12)
Forum connection problem (1)
DPA doesn't work for funky coords (4)
Cannot view Patron forum (14)
Market opening requires logging out/in (3)
Donate button/Patreon error (10)
Babble is down (3)
Stuck in Forums (2)
Families can destroy their own Defense Stations (6)
Defense station coordinates link to blank page (3)
Cheaper to "mass build" portals than it should be (7)
Defense Station disappeared (1)
Games down (3)
Not have access to my family forum #6364 (8)
Laser bug (17)