Estorm too easy to cast bug

This round I was estormed when i was pretty sure i had enough defence.
I talked to the person who opped me and got their numbers

FIrst lot of estorm numbers
250k vs 150k defence. 7 successful estorms - no fails.

Second lot of estorms
400k vs my 300k defence 3 successful estorms. Then they got some failures, I didn’t see any failures in my news

Races: Both Attacker and Defencer are Partax
Networth: Attacker: approx 1 mil, defender approx 3 mil
Planets: attacker approx 120, defender approx 210

The formula does not appear to be open, but as per the FAQ a smaller player opping a larger player is based on pure numbers (modified by magic bonus) and the general understanding appears to be that as estorm is a hard op, they should have required 5 times my wizard numbers for that success rate,
as they had less than double my wiz count it looks like the difficultly rating is off for this spell, or something else is causing it to be too easy to cast in this situation.

Possible second bug being failed estorm not showing in recent reports.

Failed e-storms don’t show in recent reports, never has. :wink:

Yeah I’m assuming that’s not showing is an old bug, as say it does in the FAQ and I would expect it to show being a hard offensive spell.

Electric Storms

Requires: Wizards, Specific Race

For 8 weeks the sky of the enemy will be full of electric storms killing a lot of of citizens all over their empire. Casting multiple e-storms will only enhance the effect!

This Spell shows up in the enemy’s recent reports when succeeding.

Wiki seems right as I remember, everything else there is legit I believe.

I guess it depends if that was just documenting how the game works, rather that how it is meant to work.

I think you should be told if someone is attempting to kill your pop, but happy to raise it as a change, not really related to this bug other than you can’t see the success rate of the other person.

Lol, he does not need 5x more than you.
250 v 150 is plenty if your NW is close. (hell 150v150 and he would like hit 3/4 of them depending when his fails happen in the casting chain)

Massive overkill if you NW is significantly higher.

The factors determining the success of your op/spell are:

  • the difficulty of the op/spell
  • your NW
  • amount of agents/wizards you send
  • your magic bonus (magic spells only)
  • a probability factor
    And in case its no self spell but a spell casted against an enemy target or an operation performed on an enemy target:
  • your enemies NW
  • amount of agents/wizards your enemy has
  • your enemies magic bonus (magic spells only)
    NW only plays a role when you op someone smaller then you.

After performing the op you’ll see whether you succeeded or failed. Note that with every failure you’ll lose 5% of your agents or wizards.


I have a question thread, asking how much is needed linked below.
Reading the old forums and confirmed by lightguns it should require 5 times in my case.

But feel free to continue that discussion here.

We had a pax get opped as well and it seemed like they were too successful. Not sure how many wizzies the other pax had, but judging from NW, they shouldn’t have had enough to get so many successful triggers.

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