Galaxy Setup Poll Criticism

I don’t like any of the options.

I like the basis of your suggestion Soull, but I want to play with my friends, so out of the 4 slots in a fam, at least 1 should be a draft, preferably 2.
Also, no custom races is nonsense

You get arguments about drafts that all active players join together and new players don’t get a chance. But right now the fam that will win the galaxy is just the one with the least inactives. Because of starting ressies they get so far ahead they can’t be caught up with.

So my suggestion, but I guess nobody else gets a say:
Fam size: 3 or 4
Drafts: 1 or 2
6 week round
3 day market delay
customer races YES
1 evolve
3 day market and attack delay
normal starting units + 3 eships
build delay after attack: yes


also: you must be trained by Lukashenko

Great transparency, hurrah for democracy


Hidden so votes are not swayed

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Think they wilk show votes as soon everyone has voted. So don’t see a problem with transparancy there ?

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Soul encouraged me to make a proposal through discord. Intended or not, I do not know. But he posted on fam chat also And in the general channel. 4 proposals on 40 active players isn’t too bad. Wish we had 4000 players then with same effort we would have 300 a 400 proposals.

Yeah, not biasing votes with in-progress results is a pretty standard polling mechanism. Griping about democracy seems a bit far-fetched, given that this process is actually being opened up.

Also, the request for proposals went up days ago, so “nobody else gets a say” isn’t accurate either. Granted, it wasn’t announced in-game, but we don’t have the ability to do that right now.

We’re working with what we have here, please be patient.

Remember that no matter what we do, we can’t please everybody and some players are going to not like the round setup regardless of their choices simply because it’s impossible for all players to agree with each other on every detail.


Only feedback I want to give on the polling is that not always a deathline/end time is given. Not saying it is intended to manipulate the result, but could give the impression staff could end it at a time when they have the result they want. Probably is also a side effect from the (too) small playerbase and waiting till having enough votes. Still a clear start and end time would make it totally transparant imho.

I’m posting this here because I’m guessing this is where the criticism goes…but the options for the new galaxy are very very bad…granted I understand you feel that you gave people a chance to have a say, but I think you should go back to the old system of putting up polls for each option in the future.

6 weeks is too long and the only 4 week option is ridiculous. People lose interest after the third week now cause the games is so one-sided.

Also another point of criticism, I’m sure you have noticed but not a lot of people look on the forums anymore. It’s sad but it’s true. So expecting there to be lots of replies to your galaxy suggestion thread was a bit of a overestimation on your part which then in turn makes something like this happen…

I hope I wasn’t too harsh and this was actually constructive. @Soull

EDIT: Also, I feel like your option soul should be more generic/neutral like offer a typical round.

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