Poll for Next Galaxy

Thank you all for participating, we had a great turnout. Lets get a cracken on the poll.

  • 1 Acitorer
  • 2 MEMEGA
  • 3 Zanharim
  • 4 Soull

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8 fams
5 players a fam
Medium map size
8 weeks
Market delay 1 rl week
Starting ress x1
35 pct rule on
10 soldiers, 6 expos to start
Custom races yes
No evolves
72 ticks delay on offebsive operations
Sci funding delay 1 day
Max ds 2


Number of Families -2
Fam Size- 20-25
Map Size -small = 250 systems
Round Length 4
market delay time- no market
Starting Resources 50x
35 pct rule off
Starting Units - none
custom races allowed - yes
evolves -1 evolve.
Offensive operation delay -72
science funding delay - no delay
Morale Formula on or off- off
max defense stations -3
edited: Max drafts per family - full draft prior to round


6 fams
6+ players per fam
250 systems
6 weeks
no market delay
Starting Resources 1x
35 pct rule on
Starting Units - none
custom races allowed
1 evolve.
Offensive operation delay 24
no science funding delay
Morale Formula on
10 Defense Stations from the start or max 10 and cheap to buy (edit from soul, will need to check with Pie if 10 are possible.)
No drafts
No official NAPs if possible (can not enforce)
No unofficial NAPs and clear statement that if someone voids and surprise attacks someone who has signed unofficial NAP, the community will cheer the honorable NAP voider. :smiley:


Map= custom
Number of Families 10
Fam Size 4 players hard limit
Map Size large 800 systems
Round Length 6 weeks
market delay time 72 tick
Starting Resources 10x
35 pct rule on or off off
Starting Units - any units can be preadded. 8 expos 50 wizards, 50 agents, 100 Soliders, 5 Tranports
custom races allowed - no custom races
evolves yes or no to 1 evolve. 1 evolve
Offensive operation delay 72 tick
science funding delay - no delay
Morale Formula on or off- on
max defense stations 2
Max drafts per family- no drafts all random

will close this out on Friday Evening.

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Not every suggestion shows the same variables. For example: what about drafts in Acitorers suggestion?


Hmm, all of these suck. Any way we can get Royal Galaxy? :joy:

Left out variables indeed, my apologies. Tbh I don’'t care drafting or not.

Only fun concept is the one of MEMEGA… 2 fams full draft complete melee :smiley:

Okay, I really like the effort you guys are putting into this next round. It really shows that you do care about the IC universe and creating a space where we can all compete. However, I think that most players here aren’t that new, and the only way to learn is to jump right into it. These next 4 options are all terrible and you need to go back to the drawing board as a collective board of Imperial Conflict. Lets do a round SS family again but you can send aid and market is open right away!!!

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You had about 5 days to post your thoughts.

If you can send aid… how is that an SS family?

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someone solve that damn ‘SS’ abbreviation for poor @Cxris. Let me help by saying it’s not ‘silly sausages’

SS with fam aid sounds great. +1

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If there is fam aid it would be stupid for anyone to play SS lol - fams would just continue to have set roles

ok going to close this in about a hour.