Regarding Inactives and Suspected Multis

Several people have asked me about inactives. Here’s the situation:

MW69 just booted 3 inactives. That’s it.

“Inactive” from the game’s perspective is a very specific check against login times. It has nothing to do with whether or not a player has not responded to you, you think they’re a multi, or anything else.

It is not a requirement to respond to messages to play the game, and we will not remove players because they don’t respond to messages. We remove them from the inactivity check, because it is an “inactive” check, not a “is this person as responsive as I want them to be” check.

As for suspected accounts, we just dropped ads for the first time in awhile and got a ton of new registrations. Yes, some of those might be multis, but it’s just as possible that they are new players that just don’t know how to play. It’s no secret that we don’t have a great onboarding process for new players.

So, given that, I’m not going to remove anybody by request. We don’t do that anyway, but we especially don’t want to kill off new players who we just spent money to get into the game.

I’ll check out suspicious accounts if reported, but there should be no expectation that report = removal.

In the short term, we should expect more inactive accounts to drop over the next few days as players hit the actual inactivity threshold. It’s the same as it happens every round.

If you’d like this problem fixed for the long term, Galaxy joining requirements will stop this dead in its tracks, but there are other things ahead of it in the dev queue.

If you think this should be a higher priority, you’re very welcome to vote for it there to raise it on the list.

Thanks for your understanding.


Thank you for the clarification @I_like_pie.

MTG_Dad was asking in radio for some communal initiative, I 100% agree.
:trophy: Good idea MTG_Dad. :trophy:

This would be an excellent time for anyone harboring a multi to speak up and let Pie know you have one.

I have a multi…

He’s the dbag that made tons of fleet…

I swear it’s a multi :joy::joy:

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He is just a retard. Name says it.

Abbot of abbots retards

If he is multi too, you have his main acco in there.

Pie i think you are missing the point here. Yes people are not obligate to respond to messages, but if they dont, and its in mw, a family galaxy, then maybe they should not be playing there. Someone might not be a multi or an inactive, but they might be a detriment to the family.

If i have a player, who is not responding to messages, is building fleet tick 1, and is logging in at least once a day so the inactive code wont kill them off, what am i supposed to do about that?

Your going to say i should jsut wait and kill them off through noraml means, but that will set my already small family farther behind. Maybe to the point where we dont even play this round.

Yes we need to keep new players, but we also need to keep the ones we have, the idea we should jsut suffer through it does not make me and otehrs want to play.

I also knwo that you cant invstigate every single occurence, but people want some change, and they dont want to vote on it for next round or the round after.

I mean you have 1 family that has 1 player that expoed, the rest are at 1 planet, 24 hours in

another family that is asking to be removed completely, and every player there has said in chat they want out

another fam has 2 active folks but they want out.

currently there are plaers marked roge, and 9 marked inactive, and im sure that number will go up.

Putting the onus on the families to remove these folks sets them behind and takes away their ability to compete in the round.

15 families may have been ambitious, and players are lookign for something now, in this round. I know its a lot, i know its new, but something needs to happen.

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Im also being told that a player was removed on request? Is that available to others?

Personally less than 15 fans would be way less interesting, but there’s issues with player count. My family has 3 active and 2 that haven’t logged in since before round start. It won’t be easy and we will try our best.

It is a really bad feeling getting kicked from a fam and not understanding why I have to join a fam again. New players would probably see this as a broken game mechanic or just a broken game.

Milky way is a high level galaxy at least that is the way I always looked at it.

Keep up the great work. But at the same time it can be frustrating.

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@Newbies if I was missing the point, Galaxy joining requirements wouldn’t be on our roadmap.

I understand the problem, but there is no short term solution for this round. I dislike that reality as much as everybody else, but that’s where we are.

FWIW this is not a new problem at all, but we have so many things that need fixing that there is an issue with competing priorities and limited dev time.

Hence the voting for the #roadmap:to-do items. If players want this fixed sooner, they are able to vote to make that happen.

Things take time and the roadmap needs prioritization. It’s not a fun answer, but it is an honest one.


Please do not put words in my mouth. I do not actually recommend that people kill anybody off. I never have.

I get that people are frustrated but we should keep our convos productive, and not make assumptions on each other’s behalf.

And what about the folks that are askimg to be removed? Or the whole fams? No point is being removed if people just land back in the dame family.

And i am beimg told one player was already removed on request. Is this true?

Same as every round: I review each request individually. One that was removed was specifically so they can be drafted elsewhere.

As you point out, that might not make sense for those in the last fam if they do not have a draft offer.

If players want to know their options, they are welcome to PM me via the forum. However, there should be no expectation that they will be hand placed anywhere by request. I have already denied one such request.

This is the same as we did last round, and the one before it. Nothing new here. :slight_smile:

Well I got a player that joined and hasn’t logged back in… frustrating since i need to get my last draft in

Lee gets to leave his family on request 2 days early but my family has to wait to kill off an inactive that logged in once… have to wait 2 days to get our last draft in but hydros family gets lee 2 days early you should of made him wait like the rest of us… thumbs up

They are 2 different scenarios. Lee asked about himself, you are asking to kill somebody else off.

Everybody has the same opportunity to request removal. This is the same as it is every round.

Your frustration is understandable, but you are painting Lee as having received a favor when it is not true. That is not fair to neither Lee nor I, when the same thing is available to every player, as it is every round.

If you would like to see this fixed, please vote for the Galaxy joining requirements feature to get it raised on the list of priorities.

can I pretend the multi in my fam is mine, and have u just “Thanos snap him out of existence”

You can vote for the Galaxy joining requirements feature to get it raised on the list of priorities. :slight_smile:

We have tools for players to influence change, if players care to use them. :smiley:

It’s time to move on, I posted this update to inform everybody of what is going on, not as an invitation to vent about the underlying problem that is already well-understood and accounted for in our #roadmap.

Criticism is welcome, but through the proper channels. With that in mind:

  • If you’d like to do vent, criticize, shake your fist and grab the pitchforks, feel free to post in #support:feedback.

  • If you have questions about what your options are for you and your family, please send me a forum PM.

  • If you would like to see this properly fixed, please vote on the Galaxy joining requirements feature to get it raised on the list of priorities.


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