Didn’t realise honour had gone #7226

It seems that some people don’t want to play nicely and have simply just decided to dedicate themselves to ruining ours and their own round just to have a silly little spat without any dialogue. I thought the game might’ve moved on from this sort of shit and it’s definitely not what I came back for

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That’s one really long sentence. The second one is more reasonable.

If you’d like any help with grammar or spelling, please let me know.

I don’t know who told you guys to snuggle up next to us when you could have went any other direction, but it wasn’t the swiftest move.
Sorry you got caught up in that Funeral. Pun not intended.
In the future this might help ya- Goodluck finding Honor, Karma’s a Bastard:

Mate we have families in all directions what did you expect we do? Besides, there’s absolutely zero reason why you couldn’t have just replied to my message. I don’t know who you think you are but your post insinuating “pretend negotiations” and “switching leaders for plausible deniability” just confirms that you’re a nob and the reason why new players run a mile when they try and play.

Yeah, I had just woken up thanks. I cared about perfect spelling and grammar whilst writing my degree, and now for my job. Not really bothered about it for an online text based game where nothing; not even you, matters.



Ahhh. An English graduate. Nuff said.

To be fair, I learned to drive perfectly, and passed my test. On my own time, I like to play bumper cars.

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Swagga knows our Home system is located in the right corner, if he felt threaten all he had to do was ask us for a nap, he’s a loser and will always be that, his karma comment must be meant for me don’t take it personal.

Said nothing about an English degree… Shouldn’t assume because; as you know the old adage goes - oh wait you already look an ass. nevermind

I know you’re serious now because you’re rocking out the semicolons.

My favourite type of colon.

Your favourite sort of colon?! If I were to create a list of my favourite colons, I’m pretty sure the one that helps me poop would be the favourite.

I mean yeah that was the joke tbh but, cool bro whatever floats your boat innit

Oh, ok. I must have missed that bit.

Anyway. This has been fun. Almost as fun as taking all your planets.

Bye for now, much love x

Dear Pitbull, sorry I hurt your feelings and your family. You do realize this is a war game so I won’t take your psychological attacks personal. I just wonder what you guys were thinking cause it looks like you were setting up right on top of our HW core.

Aww you’re bailing already :confused:

It wasn’t a difficult joke but cool. And besides, you didn’t take anything… I lost 2 planets lol

Either way, I came back to this game for a bit of fun, build some infra and have a proper war… I wasn’t expecting all this sniping and pretty snide tactics tbh. If that’s how the game has gone and people are happy with that, then cool. But all I would say is don’t expect many new players to stick around if after 5 days of a round they’re losing planets before they’ve even started. Just my thoughts anyway.

Genuinely, @Swagga we admittedly fell into the trap of “the map don’t wrap” to be honest, we thought to ourselves “let’s just secure this top right corner” whilst napping with other families to include all of those planets in a core.

However, your excuse of “it looks like you were setting up right on top of our HW core” doesn’t quite hold water to me because you’re now attacking and have 3 planets in the system next to our home. That’s not quite your HW core now is it?

So I suggest we come to some sort of agreement and salvage this round as best we can, return core for core planets and if you want to have a fight lets do so a bit later on shall we?

It’s a shame that it took me posting in the forums to get you to actually reply to us. But hey, needs must.

Swag you could never hurt my feelings, of course i know its a war game ive been playing for 16 years. Our home system is in the top right corner, and we have 2 other families to the left of us and we napped both with cores. i did send you a message after your first 2 attacks and you continued attacking. Now that you cleared us from the top right i’m asking again for a nap. The 3 of us would like to continue our round.

In case you sensitive types haven’t noticed- Daffy is my leader. It’s not my job to answer you officially this round. You should be talking to him. I’ll just say I approve and endorse his leadership.

@Funeral It’s called a, "Pre-emptive Strike. It’s deliberate. There is no excuse. I’m fkin you up on purpose, for self-righteous reasons, in the interest of the Galactic Security of my family.

Jesus christ…

Swag of course i messaged your leader and i’m quite sure you discussed it with him, if you guys don’t want to nap no problem, i will not asking again.