1St Phase:
Bombers beat lasers… Check Map for Threats once per tick… Expo Wars Are Coool… Portal Early… Attack just before Mid-Round… Remember to Attack smaller fams first to set up farming operations later… Pretend Negotiations… Feel Free to Appoint Ambassadors and Switch Leaders for Plausible Deniability… Big Fams make incredulous Demands… Lull your victim into a sense of Security…

2nd Phase:
Portals Come Online!!!
Main Attack Waves Sent!!!
Milk the Small Fam(s) you set up on… Listen to players Whine, Cry, Plea, and, Beg…

3rd Phase:
Selectively cancel Naps made with small fams in 1st and 2nd Phase and farm them for Size or Networth Win.

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Swagga DarrKLorDToday at 9:22 AM

@everyone IMPERIALCONFLICT.COM is made for the PC, Laptop, and perhaps a Tablet. May I suggest useing your Tablet, and phone when you are mobile?

In general people who play on thier phones SUCK

Who knows- perhaps it may improve your game!!

I play 99% phone, except in war times.
Mobile map has improved so much, i actually almost dont need pc for playing ic :grinning:

What do you do when you need to copy cords from maps? Or when you need to copy/paste into Fleet Elite? Or when you copy/paste cords into the Old Map? :sunglasses:
Sounds like you are a Banker or Resourcer mostly…
I’m Usually Leader/ Main Attacker…


fleet elite can be used on your phone

  1. copy text including the co-ords
  2. paste in distance finder
  3. copy text and paste in excel mobile
  4. copy colon with co-ords in fleet elite
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How advanced does my phone have to be to do all that?
iPhone XR???

copy paste functions have been around forever afaik… excel mobile is free to download

as someone from a country where technology is very behind compared to the rest of the world I have to go to the public library to access the internet and play IC. Here we are only allowed a 1 hour block on the computers so I have to go to multiple libraries and have the booking pretty much lined up to be able to play properly. Also no we do not have phones.


This might be the best guide to failure i have seen in a long while! Good stuff swagg man​:joy::stuck_out_tongue::rofl::sob::sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hmm… perhaps i’m in the Stone Age on phones…
And players are lazy when it comes do doing this
Plus I just found out about it, and I’ve been playing like 15yrs :sunglasses:

@Airwing Don’t be a Swagga Hater!!! :sunglasses:

@Parrot what damn country is that?

How baked are you @Swagga

@Parrot which hole are you climbing out lol ?
Maybe we take it for granted to have internet access all the time…

I currently have a j2 Samsung. The game used to be unplayable on mobile.

Swagga I do wish you the best of luck in this round.

I will be declared rogue soon I bet. Swagga the best dressed in ss gal 1.0

@Ordos234 Honestly it fluctuates between a 4 and 0. I haven’t been beyond 7 since HIGHSCHOOL!!!
I would pay extra to get to a 9!!!
Be Serious!!! :sunglasses:

@Jets lol There’ll be other rounds…
I’ve got my heart set on ipXR….

sound more like shrooms or acid

Acid was cleaner. Shrooms come out of Cow Patties…