1St Phase:
Bombers beat lasers… Check Map for Threats once per tick… Expo Wars Are Coool… Portal Early… Attack just before Mid-Round… Remember to Attack smaller fams first to set up farming operations later… Pretend Negotiations… Feel Free to Appoint Ambassadors and Switch Leaders for Plausible Deniability… Big Fams make incredulous Demands… Lull your victim into a sense of Security…

2nd Phase:
Portals Come Online!!!
Main Attack Waves Sent!!!
Milk the Small Fam(s) you set up on… Listen to players Whine, Cry, Plea, and, Beg…

3rd Phase:
Selectively cancel Naps made with small fams in 1st and 2nd Phase and farm them for Size or Networth Win.


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Topic: Illuminati

Training begins…‘an Illuminati Attacker is Greater than SS or Dependent. Attacking or Banking. Greater than Spec Ops, Resourcing, Marketing, and Leading. Illuminati are Leaders whom use all at our disposel.
I may become vague to enforce my empire security and trade secrets. Good Luck & Happy Hunting!!’

Chapter I
Concise Brevity:


Build 2 tranny *military production option
Build 2RF, 20MF, 5HF, the rest RC. *use the market.
Research is adjusted to 100%Construction.
2nd build= CF to 5000gc income. *balance other buildings as needed. notice there is a 5~10:3 ratio of MF to RF. and a 3:1 of RF to Oct. HF production is 1.5x needed amount of food to keep safe of starvation and reduced food production amounts. build to 2x needed amount when infra is producing adequate flow of supply.

Our goal is power to produce 6 eShips per 24hrs. Once able we build 6 per day no matter other activity. we mass send later. meanwhile we begin aiding fam.

if fam already using Illuminati Strategy/Tactics as a whole at SoR, then use of Fam Bank is a must. if Illuminati SSAttacker stick to the plan.

Military Production

By now we have 5000CF/ 50MF/ 5RF. Total research points output% given in AOS = nw or greater tallied. if not make it so, because at this point we are producing 6 eShips + about 60 tranny per 24hrs.
at 100 tranny gear and switch production to 100 bombers. next 100 figs. then 200 droids, and when complete add 65 agents/65 wizz and begin attacks. *adjust as wanted but stay close to instruction to be quick.
*note: the first two tranny which are built at SoR make an Illuminati’s Fam ‘Weapons Hot’ in 12tks. An Illuminati or respective’s Fam has a Sniper option open at this time. exercise with awareness.

Fam SoR Race Build

3 Bankers
2 Partax Resourcers
4 Attackers
3 Camaar

*adjust as wanted


Chapter II
Mass Expo:

If Illuminati SSAttacker (ISSA), then day 5~6 Illuminati are ready for mass expo phase. it is possible to be ready sooner with Fam aid and is encouraged. Illuminati Add to SS skills, knowledge and wisdom. We may send and receive aid with great benefit, even though technically our empire infra is set up for SS. Illuminati are advanced compared to typical SS in that aiding/receiving, aid, to and from Fam, is encouraged.
In cases where more expo cash is needed to complete a mass send, stop other productions and focus on expo/assault fleet sending, as the goal here is more planets for building space. So if ISSA/IA gain more by attacking, *at less cost then expoing, it makes sense to planet snatch the extra build space needed, while storing eShips. Or better yet expo and attack at the same time. send eShips to distant map cords early for nice large network of spread. Next portal and planet snatch. Station 5~20 figs/ground and build 1~5 lasers. All this is quicker/easier with Fam aiding but may be done as SS alone also when times are tough.

*(5000gc cost to send attack compared to 10000gc cost to send expo)+ eShips are lost compared to well reusable assault fleets once built.)

**It may be desired to adjust Research at this time to 40%Welfare/ 43%income/ 17%Construction.


Chapter III

Focus, determination, organization, & action are the life energies- “Force” of Illuminati. Notice but ignore distractions. Focus on the task at hand. To be a success, obliterate the enemies will to fight. Use info, diplomacy, all game-legal “tricks of the trade” Illuminati imagine, to defeat our adversaries.

“The use of spies is of utmost importance to a General” -Sun Tzu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_War

Gain as much info as is possible on enemies. IC Ops/Spell use is underrated and under used. Lacking more-so is Family organized Ops/Spell strikes, such as mass deportalling (sab.portal/cpff) of target empires. more planets may be taken at less cost and damage to Illuminati (and other Players) yet it is common to bash one’s units against portals in even mundane task of cleaning one’s own Fam of Inactives. Imagine the damage of an entire Fam jumping agents and all nuking one enemy empire as the agent jumped fam comes online. the international nature of IC allows possible 24hr nuke sessions. As one empire is destroyed; another may be fired upon.

http://www.imperialconflict.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=765 *Uni-News Link for MapGen Data.
http://icstrategy.dreamhosters.com/ *MapGen= Click ‘Tools’, then “MapFiles & MapGen”) + More IC Strategy Info.

Opon success & used with silenz tools enables much knowledge of Target; For example, recent builds/constructions, fleet arrivals, unportalled planets, market use, and aid. Also whom is aiding, and what is sent. *use with silenz’s "Recent Reports wink

Vision/ Spy on Target:
May enable a view into Target’s HQ. Cash and Resources as well as Research %'s may become known.

Find Target Planets:
On success produces planet list of Targets. *use with “MapGen”.

Planetary Infrastructure:
Provides knowledge of target planet(s) buildings if any.

Investigate Portal:
Indicates if or not there is portal at target planet(s). Also if one is being constructed.

Sense Defense Station:
Use to find DS quick especially for long range targets.

Ops/Spell Assault

Destroys % of Target buildings *lasers included.

Destroy Units:
Destroys % of Target military units *lasers included.

Kill/Terminate Scientists:
Reduces Research %'s of Target.

Reduce Food Production: Used to drastically reduce amount of food produced by Target. Works best vs SS and as indirect weapon vs bankers to induce starvation when it is cast on Attackers producing food. *use infils to discover food makers (and whom is making what in general).

Hypnotize/ Electric Storms:
Population kill weapons vs population of Target. usually vs pop bankers.

Destroy Iron/ Cash:
Attacks the iron/ cash reserves of Target. *Iron/ Cash on Market also effected.

Sabatoge Portal:
Obliterates Targeted portals.

Create Portal Force Field:
Places targeted portals Temporarily “Out of Order”.

*These are not all of Ops & Spells. For more info and greater detail refer to “The Guide” (see link on top HQ info).

Some Attacking Strategy/ Tactics big_smile

1.) Select target(s) in attack range that are close in NW so the planets are not blown. However there is a tactic of blowing up planets & immediately expoing them- as long as we have expos in stock to cover the amount of planets to be attacked/ blown/ then expoed.

2.) Penetrate multiple enemy cores & portal/ laser-up. Go into vacation mode. On V-mode exit- jump units and Obliterate as many targets’ units as possible. *Co-ordinate with Fam.

3.) Illuminati Fam jumps agents and wizz of Players with Sab.Portal/ CPFF & mass deportal cores or…select enemy targets and mass deportal them prior to assault/ raids- Then pick their empires free of planets. *Should have high degree of Fam organization for this one.

4.) Specialize attack jobs.
a. jump 2 attackers heavy bombers & figs.
b. jump a few attackers a heavy bombers, a good amount of figs & heavy droids
c. rest of attackers have balanced above average fleet.

Heavy Air Attackers crush lasers/fig run.
Heavy Droids ground run *bombers and figs are leftover and re-upped laser/fig protection.
Rest of Attackers are retakers and regular assault forces.


Chapter IV
Leadership Styles:

The leadership styles we look at here are:

  • Autocratic leadership
  • Bureaucratic leadership
  • Charismatic leadership
  • Democratic leadership or Participative leadership
  • Laissez-faire leadership
  • People-oriented leadership or Relations-Oriented leadership
  • Servant leadership
  • Task-oriented leadership
  • Transactional leadership
  • Transformational leadership

Plz see above link for details<<


Chapter V

The Platinum Rule is “Buy low. Sell high. Repeat”

Some Tricks of the Trade:

  1. when selling a large amount break it down into smaller amounts and spread the bids in a marketing range of say 18.99 to 15.00 if the market is moving bids in that range. some testing may be needed to find the “flow range” in which certain goods buy and sell faster if quick turn-over is the goal. Otherwise, if i know a products’ flow range is strong between 17.00 and 11.00gc, i may set my bid at 21.00 to sell or 9.50gc to buy. in some cases i set market caps to drive the market into a particular range, and then set buy/sell bids in and outside of my market caps- when i am not concerned with how quick i buy or sell.



I started to only post a way mass expo may be accomplished- Although as i posted; i saw, there is an entire style of play i have acquired from myself as well as from a great many players, and our IC rules.

Our play is within the quasi(?) dimensional realm of mathmatics- with math/ non-math governors in place that set the "boundries of individual galaxies within our IC Universe- At least this is my understanding and so hypothesis supporting my “Theory”.

“Illuminati” Strategy/ Tactics is writ as a Challenge to raise our level of play, our understanding of our IC play environment, and to expand upon what we may do in what amount of time.

i laid the basics of something possible, and inlaid means to improve it- either by myself or with others- which leads me to say this:

“I put aside whatever conflict and invite you and eveyone else to improve upon this Srat. I Challenge us all to make the best of the best, most current State-of-the-Art style of play we may.”

what i mean is- instead of willfully disrespecting each other for whatever reason- may we instead gather each of us interested, as scientists, in the Illuminati Project. Let’s push our abilities to the thin line of legal in what we may make possible with our Empires and Families.

i don’t know it all. i am learning like everyone else. i have only writ what i know. So this is a chance for Experienced players to breath life into Newbs as well as for us all to make more of IC and IC Forums- then a “Squabble Fest.”

We are International. I speak to us All.
Police this Ourselves- with Mods as Enforcers.
The choice is Ours.

“To better Strats and Tactics…Cheers”

And so i hope begins:

“The Illuminati Project”



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Swagga DarrKLorDToday at 9:22 AM

@everyone IMPERIALCONFLICT.COM is made for the PC, Laptop, and perhaps a Tablet. May I suggest useing your Tablet, and phone when you are mobile?

In general people who play on thier phones SUCK

Who knows- perhaps it may improve your game!!

I play 99% phone, except in war times.
Mobile map has improved so much, i actually almost dont need pc for playing ic :grinning:

What do you do when you need to copy cords from maps? Or when you need to copy/paste into Fleet Elite? Or when you copy/paste cords into the Old Map? :sunglasses:
Sounds like you are a Banker or Resourcer mostly…
I’m Usually Leader/ Main Attacker…


fleet elite can be used on your phone

  1. copy text including the co-ords
  2. paste in distance finder
  3. copy text and paste in excel mobile
  4. copy colon with co-ords in fleet elite
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How advanced does my phone have to be to do all that?
iPhone XR???

copy paste functions have been around forever afaik… excel mobile is free to download

as someone from a country where technology is very behind compared to the rest of the world I have to go to the public library to access the internet and play IC. Here we are only allowed a 1 hour block on the computers so I have to go to multiple libraries and have the booking pretty much lined up to be able to play properly. Also no we do not have phones.


This might be the best guide to failure i have seen in a long while! Good stuff swagg man​:joy::stuck_out_tongue::rofl::sob::sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hmm… perhaps i’m in the Stone Age on phones…
And players are lazy when it comes do doing this
Plus I just found out about it, and I’ve been playing like 15yrs :sunglasses:

@Airwing Don’t be a Swagga Hater!!! :sunglasses:

@Parrot what damn country is that?

How baked are you @Swagga

@Parrot which hole are you climbing out lol ?
Maybe we take it for granted to have internet access all the time…

I currently have a j2 Samsung. The game used to be unplayable on mobile.

Swagga I do wish you the best of luck in this round.

I will be declared rogue soon I bet. Swagga the best dressed in ss gal 1.0

@Ordos234 Honestly it fluctuates between a 4 and 0. I haven’t been beyond 7 since HIGHSCHOOL!!!
I would pay extra to get to a 9!!!
Be Serious!!! :sunglasses:

@Jets lol There’ll be other rounds…
I’ve got my heart set on ipXR….

sound more like shrooms or acid

Acid was cleaner. Shrooms come out of Cow Patties…