Imperial Conflict Meet

Thank you all for bearing with our recent challenges and lack of development.

Despite these challenges it has been inspiring and motivating to see many of you making the best of the round and even in some cases having more fun than usual.

I’ll be back to work on IC in about another week, but want to first take the time to discuss with you all about the status of the game, what we’re doing about recent critical issues, and how we’re going to move forward for the year in general.

I am planning for Friday, February 26. Time is TBD, and if you’re interested in joining you can mark your availability here:

I’m setting aside 2 hours and would like to cover at least the following:

  1. As mentioned, updates/status of the game including crashes and other critical issues/dependencies

  2. What you feel is most needed for the game and community, including seeing what can be done by volunteers

  3. Defining and prioritizing the work, and seeing what can be committed to

This will be recorded and posted for those who cannot attend.

Thank you again everybody for being so patient and understanding lately. It has been quite helpful! :heart:


Fufufufufufufu this king makes it hard for you to stay away huh? I know.

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We’ve finalized a time: the meet will happen Saturday, Feb 27 @ 0600-0800 UTC.