Completed Completed changes from <a class="hashtag" href="/c/roadmap/to-do/163">#<span>roadmap:to-do</span></a> will be archived here. To Do This is our list of features that have moved past the <a class="hashtag" href="/c/roadmap/ideas/58">#<span>roadmap:ideas</span></a> phase and are definitely happening. Ideas Feel free to post ideas here to be discussed and voted on.
The Imperial Conflict Roadmap [Roadmap] (1)
Unified game/forum interface [To Do] (2)
Public War Declarations [To Do] (2)
SoR check in ( 2 ) [Ideas] (21)
Make War declarations public [Ideas] (6)
Unified game/forum interface [Ideas] (4)
Eships limit [Ideas] (5)
Port Mass Fleet sender to ingame [Ideas] (3)
Phase Building [Ideas] (4)
Planets Lost Ticker [Ideas] (3)
Coordinates Formatter [Ideas] (2)
Family Info Tracker [Ideas] (1)
Attack on Arrival [Ideas] (1)
New Spell: Bizarro [Ideas] (4)
New Spell: Zombie [Ideas] (4)
Vice Leadership Features [Ideas] (5)
Live draft [Ideas] (3)
Pre-Draft Round Player Pool [Ideas] (1)
Open sourced IC tools [Ideas] (9)
Econ boost for small fam [Ideas] (8)
Split the Tick on a single server [To Do] (9)
NPC Targets [To Do] (5)
Evolution ( 2 3 ) [Completed] (41)
Empire Surrender [To Do] (1)
Planet sorting/preference saving [Ideas] (4)
Display community titles in the game [To Do] (3)
VIP tag [Ideas] (7)
Lower number of morale bonus planets [To Do] (9)
Remove inactive players 8-hours before SoR [To Do] (16)
SoR notifications [Ideas] (1)