Andromeda 40 Draft Signups

Starting a new round, make your vote, we will then see how many families

  • I want to be a regular player
  • I want to be a captain

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Main drafting will occur on Tuesday. Thank you

Yuppppppp king can be a cap again

If I’m going to be captain we will be using the interface more pm in game if someone in my fam wishes to set up a chat that’s fine and we will be playing in teams as a flexable family unit if anyone want to team I’m fine with that like I said I’m flexable but you’ve got to be ok with that if not let me know ahead of time thanks.

can we vote on the delay to build on new planets for this round?

@Soull @I_like_pie


I’d like to see a family forum option for this round can we vote for that

Save me sending multiple indentical PM’s and deleting them after ?

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I’ve been leader a few times before and done well
But we’ll be playing old school cause I’m old school.

But I think I know of whom you speaketh lol

How many fams? Hope more than 4… its should be atleast 6

depends on who steps up to be leader.

I’m open to intra Family Teams, Fam Banking, Active Chats & Infra Whores.
And if you’re an Attacker- Here’s your shot at Fame & Glory.
New Players are always welcome- I encourage Players with better experience to Mentor within the family. And I expect Players to RESPECT one another in the family.
It is proven time & time again throughout history- The greatest threats to the most powerful, Republic’s & Empire’s security, are Internal.
I’d like to make friends, earn your trust, and strengthen your confidence.
I have a great IC Record of leading fams to top 2 & 3 EOR Finishes… Back in the days of 20+ fams with 8+ Players per Fam, I lead fams consistently to the top 5 of the Ranks.
Let’s Do It Again.


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Stepping down a notch and not leading this time. It was fun though, most of the time.

Draft me and you have a VL prospect.
I can help with strat, tutor new players, manage fam bank, fam economy and jumps.
I can give advice on draft picks too.
I can play in any role with activity and skill. I can handle even unorthodox roles, if we want to play a bit differently.

If you want to farm smaller fams or break deals, do not pick me.


@Lord_Pickle I thought you were going SS galaxies only?

Anyway have fun! I am out!

Yea probably a good idea … how do I unvote? I changed from captain to be a player, but I don’t want to play at all.

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Hmm I have a few picks hope I get em can’t stand whiners that’s my job, hopefully we can get a few days before round starts so I can contavt everyone determin roles

I will argue, protest and critisize. I rather go just inactive, before I whine.
Leadership in IC is not total. Leader has no real tools of control. Better be diplomatic…


We’ll see how the draft goes