Playground Draft Feedback

I think letting just anyone who wants be a captain, be a captain will be a mistake.


I do just fine thank you :rofl:


Agree with @Lord_Pickle, you can’t let anyone just be a Captain. If you only have 4 families you want to keep competition high. Kingray shouldn’t be a captain, his family this round is still playing as if it’s week 1. Swagga shouldn’t be a captain, he got replaced this round like 2 days into the round by Flip.

I would even go as far as putting the players into pots by their ability, and let captains take turns picking from each pot. This round was OK, but the families were too unbalanced.


Hmm, shut up


The qualifications are debatable for every individual; who determines who is qualified?

I can see a nomination system working, but even then the nominee would have to accept.

What happens if we were to end up with only 2 viable captains, when most of the players want more families?

What happens if we only get 1 “acceptable” captain?

We need a viable alternative to the existing process. Otherwise, what do we replace it with?

Moving this to its own thread btw: it’s too late in the process to change this for Andro 40, but we can figure this out here for future Playground Draft rounds in general.

We’re open to suggestions on how to improve the process.

In absence of more volunteers, those 4 families become 2 if we were to demote the players you mentioned. How do you recommend we solve for that scenario?

Community votes for the captains. I only decided to go captain because I didn’t want to be drafted by the other 3. Kingray is whatever, Swagga after all these years still doesnt know what he is doing. And we have the guy who is always complaining about discord and doesn’t really know who is a top player in the current community or not. Just make fams 100% random, or let the community decide who the captains will be.

I think the drafting element is fun, but if I was picked by kingray I might just top myself

@Lord_Pickle what does that process look like though, and what happens if the community decides on captains that aren’t interested in being captains?

@OrBit do you have an answer to the question I asked? Your suggestion would create a new problem, how would you solve it?

I’m all for improving the process, but so far I haven’t heard anything concrete. In the absence of an actual plan, we have no choice but to keep what we have.

One alternative I see to both of your guys’ points is if we made Playground Draft rounds only possible by meeting a threshold of eligible and willing captains as determined by the community.

That may not be such a bad thing, but it means that we likely wouldn’t have done last round and likely wouldn’t do this coming round either.

I’m open to other solutions though if you guys have them.

Kingray isn’t all that bad. No matter what you or orbit says

I’ll be sure your my first pick then

@I_like_pie - a serious risk right is brought to light.
The captains can just nominate themselves, and can draft whoever they want. What if the person that gets drafted really does not want to play in the captains team? We’re only encouriging going inactive in this system.


I have an idea…why don’t we allow other people give captains this round instead of those who previously were…just because your a captain does not mean you have to lead…If you don’t want to lead you can always choose someone you picked to do so…

Or what if we randomly did a draft process where you pull people’s name out of a hat (figuratively) and the top 4-6 could be captains…if one refuse then you just fill them in with the next person on the list and do the draft from there.

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If a player does not want to be in a certain captains fam just do what orbit did to me and make it clearly known you don’t want to be in that fam and they leader should respect such wishes and not draft them…

Lol I still can’t believe that orbit would rather be in swaggas fam then mine…dude is gritz :rofl::rofl:

I agree with @Lord_Pickle that not everyone should be a captain but foe that reason we need more captains then we have spots for so we can either vote or maybe have a committee decide. So doing my part i will be a captain

I agree with hala! I mean if orbit picked me I’d opt out of round.:joy::mask::joy:


King will be a fine leader part of being a leader is making sure we all have fun :rofl: let’s see how draft goes

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Ha ha ha, I have not taken this game seriously since so many people left…I just play to have fun now. So whether you say I suck or not I could care less…

Now if we talking about APEX legends that I play competitive that’s a whole 'nother conversation.