ANDRO 50 round settings

Trying to guage interest for a controversial settings choices.

Anonymous Play?

Anonymous Play
  • Yes
  • No

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A little clarity:

Unlike previous Andro Rounds, there will not be a vote for settings. most settings will remain the same as a traditional Andro round (not necessarily last round). I/we are only asking for this one particular setting becuase there has been a lot of request for it.

Not really sure why people feel the need to hide from each other… usually people rat your identity anyways within a day or so. Also makes support request very difficult to carry out lol

When is it expected to be open for reg?

Well if you have someone telling who your fam members are then clearly there not a good member to have in the family.
Anon rounds are much better, less players targeted for no reason and less dirty wars and tactics.

Knowing some players now, I think you may be using a dose of wishful thinking there haha

No not really…guess its who you play with cause I’ve had a few anon rounds that no one new who my family members were. Some people have loose lips and don’t mind spying for other fams then there are loyal players who don’t :man_shrugging:

You’re not wrong there

I’m actually also against ANON play. It’s pointless in today’s game…this poll was a formality.

I’ll remember that next time I decide to vote in a poll.

It won’t let me vote, but guess it doesn’t matter looks like everyone does want anon play.

Why would anyone be against Anon play - if you want to be anonymous then you can; if you don’t want to be anonymous then just choose your normal player name/ruler name. Just gives the option to people who want it.


And with the number of people in the galaxy, everyone knows who everyone is after a couple of days anyways

Yeah probably. But its still good for those that want it; the only thing you’re losing with Anon mode is the ability to view someone else’s history and… no one cares about someone elses history really do they

@I_like_pie will there be a settings vote?


I wasn’t aware Kingray now runs the game, since when is that?

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I don’t run anything. Pie is free to do as he pleases, he can have a settings poll if he wants to, it is his game. Hell, I’ll create it and go with whatever the people choose…I’m only operating in he very limited space that Pie has allowed me. Majority of which, is direction for the 50th round of Andro.

Not that it would matter because the settings are literally the same…

Kingray stepped up to plan Andro 50. Didn’t see anyone else stepping up. An thanks to SUV for creating the map. Finalizing now.

Edit. Thank you to all the contributing posts, took them all into consideration


So now its whoever goes first to say whats going to happen next round decides?
Before, we had a poll every round. I was waiting for that to then read there won’t be one. How is that something to say “didn’t see anyone else stepping up”. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort people put into it, but you can’t blame other people for not putting in tbat effort.
I’m just surprised we now don’t get any say I’m the settings, something we used to have (orat least Pie made us believe we had some influence)