Why are some posts being flagged?

Why are Airwing and Darrk`s posts being flagged for removal, just because some players disagree with them ? Doesn’t seem right

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When the community flags things, they have an option to choose a few reasons. The ones in question have been marked as either inappropriate or off-topic.

The goal isn’t censorship; it’s to prevent toxicity from poisoning our discourse. We had a big problem with this last round in #milky-way-68, and I made it clear after it all went down that we won’t be tolerating that any further.

Players have started flagging more, which has been helpful, and I in turn have been approving more flags.

The specific posts you’re asking about didn’t contribute to the topic at hand, which was a specific war. Rather, they devolved into personal bickering that started from a post that was off-topic and somewhat inflammatory.

If @Airwing and @Darrk have a personal disagreement, they are free to take it to PM. Otherwise, they can continue to post in a topic about a specific war as long as they are discussing that specific war. Otherwise, their off-topic and insulting posts are likely to draw more flags.

Fwiw, a flag does not automatically mean removal. I still have to approve the flag, so just because players disagree with a post doesn’t always mean that it will be removed. In this case, however, I do consider the flagged posts to be worthy of removal for the reasons they were flagged.


i have nothing personal against Darrk or anyone in this game, but are we not obligaded to correct fellow players when they preach nonsense? imo we should make eachother stronger and wiser, not dumber

i see it as my duty to this community to enlight people like darrk who so clearly tend to post and spread a false truth, i dont blame him for doing so couse it has occured to me he actually belives or struggle to see much of anything from a diffrent point of view than what he has locked his head into beliving. But that shouldnt change us from atleast trying… :stuck_out_tongue:

For example, a big part of the US population belives that the earth is flat, helping them to the correct information isnt that doing them a favour?

That’s a fair question, but also pretty disingenous.

You made 4 posts that got flagged. None of them had to do with the actual topic, and 3 of them were memes or personal attacks on Darrk that have nothing to do with the war. He responded with his own jabs at you and got his own flags and well, here we are. :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome to challenge somebody’s perspective on a situation, but that’s not at all what you did there.

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I will agree that the gifs were ment to poke darrk alittle :stuck_out_tongue: i know he likes them :smiley:

but the statments posted were truly wrong and i did correct them… so it wasnt 100% off. but off topic yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

i will try to do better :smiley:

It’s an adjustment for all of us. :slight_smile: Like I said before, we have years of bad habits to break. I’m certainly guilty of this myself too.

I sympathize with your situation too, it’s hard to see things that you see as false and not address them. You’re definitely welcome to create a new topic to do so. :+1:

In the end, we’re just trying to keep things cordial and also avoid derailing topics.


Here we always are.
I suppose it had been a few weeks since the trolling raised it’s unconstructive head again - I (i honestly) forgot to just flag troll posts.
I suppose I was lulled by the far less toxic environment in the MW this round.

For example:
This is insulting (and laughably untrue) and likely why your post in this thread was flagged.

I do not.

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16 posts were split to a new topic: US Citizens

Thank you for withdrawing that post Jets.

Truth for the win.

Once a post of mine is flagged, I usually just delete it.

Having posts flagged has (a somewhat) negative effects on your discord account, and deleting them seems to clear it up faster than anything.

More info on flagging can be found here:


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