US Citizens


You guys really like to run this rhetoric for everything. I’ll have you know @Airwing not all US Citizen are like that.


Why are some posts being flagged?

That’s a good point @kingray, and not the first time I’ve heard @Airwing throw around the “Americans sure are dumb” trope.

This is a particularly silly example too, given that modern flat earthers largely owe their rise to English, and therefore European influence. Flat-earthers are by no means specific to the US, and calling US citizens out specifically for being ignorant on this matter is, ironically, an ignorant stance.

Anyway, this thread itself is turning into a good example of how we have to be careful. If you guys have stuff to discuss about uni, please take it to #universal-news.



The example was never “Americans sure are dumb” it could just aswell be Canadians or some other nation with a “High” % of millenials . it was an example to point out beliving in a false truth :stuck_out_tongue:

But it is funny to see the americans go all defence mode when the word american is used :stuck_out_tongue: why is that? Patriotism?

Ofc not Kingray and i never said that , Americans are without a doubt some of the most well established people in the whole world, no doubt.

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Probably because this isn’t the first time you’ve made similar comments about Americans. :stuck_out_tongue: But sure, it just happened to be the group of people you chose for this example. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



well my previous comments, where raised as questions if i am not mistaken, on why some players and from my point of view often americans act a surtain way. That is again nothing close to an attack of any sort on americans so i fail to see why you would combine the two and see it as an attack now?

The whole example and source is from america by americans. hence why america was used.

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Wasn’t trying to be defensive of the country but rather myself. I was trying to say I am not your stereotypical American. Lol



I see no attack on Americans @Airwing, just a pattern of generalizations. :slight_smile:

If multiple people are interpreting your words to be unfairly and even inaccurately painting people in a negative light, perhaps the problem isn’t that others are defensive.



you might be right Pie, the mistake might be mine entirely mine, but i still wonder why is there trend that its the americans that tend to feel it to be unfair or even hurtfull. I have given alot more direct critisism and shit to other nationalitlies than what i have done towards the US … just ask frosty :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wouldn’t say the mistake is entirely yours. Communication is always a 2-way street. :slight_smile:

As an American though, I can tell you that for me it’s not so much hurtful but more just obnoxious anytime I hear somebody talking about (or inferring) how stupid and uncultured Americans are. Your comment about flat-earthers for example, intentional or not, focused on the US for no purpose.

Your point would have been perfectly made by saying “a large number of people” instead of “a big part of the US population”. It’s a strange choice of an example to pick out randomly in a thread where nobody else is talking about regions or citizenship. You can maybe see why some would read it as a comment about US citizens in particular.

That said, it’s of course on everybody else to get clarity on what exactly you meant, which you have since provided.

Hooray for resolving miscommunications!



I think thats a normal ish reaction …but do you think Americans are more protective or more easily offended when it comes to comments and issues ragarding your country than somone in a Europeen country would be?

i am an hobby social anthropologist :stuck_out_tongue: its fucking facinatiing :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I wonder if i had said US and Canadians… if any canadians would have jumped out :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s hard to say, as you weren’t also in a forum-bickering with a Canadian player.

It’s no coincidence that the first person to point out the perceived insult about the intelligence of American citizens is the same player who you actually did make a meme-post about that insulted their intelligence, who also happens to be American.

You were wondering why your past comments are being connected to your comment in this thread. There’s your answer.

Anyway, I’m not sure if Americans are more easily offended than Europeans for comments like that, but I guess it depends on where you go looking. If you’re talking about anecdotal evidence, you can make any point you want.

For example: I’ve noticed by a huge margin that European sports fans seem to be very sensitive and adamant that people don’t use the name “soccer” to refer to the sport they enjoy. I could just as easily say that Europeans seem to be defensive and more easily offended by such a trivial thing.

However, anecdotal evidence is pretty useless for making those kinds of objective conclusions. That’s why it’s often more reasonable to preface those kinds of statements with “in my experience”.

^ This is a great example. You’re speaking of a perceived trend that might not objectively exist outside of your personal experience, but your phrasing presents this as truth when it is closer to opinion.

That kind of nuance is often the source of miscommunication.

Anthropology is indeed fascinating. So is linguistics. :slight_smile:






well i wasnt in a forum bickering with either Pie or kingray , but once the example came it seems u both felt the need to speak up.

Also if Darrk was the only one to bother talking to me about this i wouldnt call it a trend at all, but in this thread alone there was 2 others, americans if i am not mistaken who also felt the need to speak once the word american was mentioned. Maybe a trend is the wrong word and i cant call it evidence for anything but it for sure dosent weaken the observation does it? :stuck_out_tongue:

i do take critisism on the gif’s :stuck_out_tongue: i even said im sorry to darrk in chat.

true and in an English forum we will never be “peers” when it comes to debat and discussion as there is bound to be things being misscommunicated or lost in translation. Specialy from the none nativ english speaker’s side. :stuck_out_tongue: So please take my “insults” with a pinch of salt :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems silly, any sport that involves a foot and a ball , could be called football no? :stuck_out_tongue: American football though seems to be more hand-ball than fot-ball from what i have seen…

Also on a sidenote, i have a feeling some might think i have a negative attitude towards the US, i dont. i am very pro and fund of the americans and their country :smiley:



To be fair, I only mentioned it once Darrk and Kingray did. I didn’t even think of it from that angle until they pointed it out, so that’s at least one person there you can count as not offended by hearing “American” alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your observations aren’t weakened at all. :slight_smile: It’s the conclusion that you draw from them that is questionable. You’re talking here about 3 (really, 2) people who took offense to your statement, 1 of who would naturally be more prone to take offense to what you said to him if you’ve already been insulting him.

That leaves you with a single person who seems to have taken offense out of the blue at the word “American” being brought up. That’s effectively useless to draw any kind of larger conclusion from.

What you can reasonably conclude is, 1 individual got unusually defensive over a comment you made about Americans. That doesn’t say anything about US citizens being offended.



obnoxious or offended,either way i would argue that u were alittle emotinal invested pie if u like or not :stuck_out_tongue: This was a good conversation i hope i didnt offended anyone :smiley: Darrk is still my bitch, status quo is restored.

I will try to channel my inner american lover more in the future and i promisse to never stop rattling the cage. :stuck_out_tongue:



I gave my perspective yes, but your argument that the word “American” is what put me off is just not true. :slight_smile:

Yes, this was a good conversation!

And fwiw your debate skills are just fine. One thing I’ve noticed about many non-native English-speaking Europeans is that I can rarely tell unless they mention it. Kudos. :+1:

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The poll from which the statistic arose is this one:

Depending on how you interpret the data it can both look like a small AND a large percent of Americans do not believe the Earth is spherical.

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Lol I think AW is correct to an extent, there are A LOT of dumb people here, just look at who we elected as President…

I think millennials are natural born trolls so I wouldn’t trust any type of survey on the subject.

Has anyone watched the Netflix Documentary “Behind the Curve”. Holy shit there are some dumb people on this planet.



So you’re saying the Earth isn’t round?



There are some things we will just never know the answer to.