What hobbies are you into or explored


I have played Magic the Gathering for like 23 years. Before Marriage and a kid i was pretty competitive and was top 10 in my state. I still play occasionally now

Big gamer, current addiction is WoW, before this was ESO, before that Diablo 3, before that Wow, see a pattern?

I dabble in a lot of things, i like anime, music, cars, food, used to play DnD a lot.


WoW keeps dragging me back in as well, although the last expansion wasn’t that good, im free again! ATM im playing Battlefield V, Factorio and finally got a tv set up in my game room and playing some old PS1 games again.

Other then that I have a casual DnD session once a month, dont have time to do much else with a toddler crawling around.


I miss playing MTG but I stopped collecting cards since they’re too costly to keep up with everyone. But thanks to MTG_Dad, he suggested me to try a software that i can play with any cards. Need to get into it soon, probably during winter break when I have more time.

I love to watch tv series/movies and play video games, preferably RPG. I’m obsessed with Summoners War on my IPad and I have lots of 6-starred characters since 5 years ago. I doubt any of you play that game, but if you do, please let me know! :slight_smile:


I’m in! Let’s play some MTG using that funky software (not being MTG Online, that’s just as expensive) :smiley:


It’s been a long while but I’m definitely down to get some games in my self