What are some of your favorite movies/shows on Netflix/Hulu/prime video?

I frequently find myself googling “best movies on netflix” and was wondering what some of your favorites are!

Some that I enjoy are:

Mr. Nobody
Donnie Darko

Give me your suggestions so I can stop searching :stuck_out_tongue:

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dr.strangelove is on netflix lol :slight_smile:

The Get Down

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This was waaay more dramatic than I anticipated. Super cool movie.

I’ve never actually played Go myself, but have been meaning to ever since I saw this. You could say… now I want to give it a Go. :sunglasses:

Is that a movie? Or are you referring to the series?

I just watched this, it was super cool!! They made it so intense, all of the suspense was awesome. I definitely want to play Go no as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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it actually isn’t anymore :frowning:

w00t, Imperial Goflict!

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what what whattt??? that sucks :frowning:

the live action jungle book is on it
that was pretty good :slight_smile:
also one of my favourite movies of all time is on it , Tank girl :slight_smile:

I’m now watching this Spanish series: La Casa de Papel

It’s pretty good!!!

right now I’m watching the live action Full Metal Alchemist movie iv listened more than watched but love FMA series and enjoyed all of them

another series I like and rewatch is Bill Nye saves the world

also if you into stand up comedy watch all the Jim Jefferies specials,

one of my all time favorites,

also Boondock saints and the marvel and dc stuff is good besides Iron Fist

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Live action FMA was a bit meh, purely because they tried to fit 60 something episodes into 1 movie.
I felt the same about the Death note movie, kept waiting for certain bits and they never happened…

Currently plowing through Anthony Bourdain’s parts unknown, love that man, hopefully they put his raw craft series on there too.

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i totaly get what your saying with FMA but overall was good for what it was. million times better than the live action DBZ movie that i couldnt even get past the first 5 minutes of lol

i really liked the deathnote movie aswell but iv not watched any of the anime of Deathnote,


Omg I used to play go and alphaGo is the AI that defeats the best players now. Super interesting, is it only on netflix?

I enjoyed the heck out of Black Panther when it came to Netflix. Epic!

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Not a movie, but I’ve been watching the new Sabrina show on Netflix and it is pretty awesome

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Netflix is so wack…that’s Hulu’s ghetto cousin.

Although I usually watch Netflix tv shows rather than movies, but I’ll list tv shows I really like so far:

Lost In Space
Altered Carbon
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Stranger Things
Wentworth (I dont watch this much but my wife likes it)
Jessica Jones

I think that’s about it, but there are other tv shows that came from other network:
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
The 100
The Magicians
Van Helsing

Anyway, I saw that you mentioned Death Note (movie), I saw it and only saw it halfway, I was not really impressed with it. Death Note (anime) was much better, but the ending is bit different from manga though. I’m not going into details as I will spoil it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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outlaw king
the last kindom