What are some of your favorite movies/shows on Netflix/Hulu/prime video?


I said this in chat… I’ll say it again… no! It will destroy the original in my head :stuck_out_tongue:



  • I kill giants
  • Outlaw King


  • Impulse

Youtube originals:

  • Cobra Kai (Karate kid spin-off)

Probably some others too, but funny thing is, I don’t even have Netflix, only chill :smiley:


Has anyone seen the last season of House of Cards? How’s that?


Stranger things
The OA
Making a Murderer
Evil Genius
Altered Carbon
The Punisher

All amazing shows


Hulu is Netflix ghetto cousin, pay for ads blllah


Oh you wanna bet? Hulu has the option for no ads as well…And has more shows


Yep, Married with Children, King of the Hill, plus all of the TGIF lineup from the 90’s. It’s the best.


I recently watched Homecoming on Amazon prime and it was really good. Same with Jack Ryan.


Amazon Prime…

I like Man in the High Castle but I only saw few episodes, definitely need to catch up :-/


Recently watched the Kominsky Method and the Bodyguard on Netflix. Both series were really good.


I have been wanting to try Bodyguard … busy watching MadMen for the 8th time :smiley:


Altered carbon is the best sci fi show I’ve watched since Battlestar Galactica remake, fking awesome, so much anticipation for season 2


I agree! Imagine u save every mind for infinite time and think about others who may be your enemy, i thought about it a lot if i were to die and my mind is forever saved in data, what if a corporation start collecting people’s mind and put them in storage where others can read. Crazy technology. Anyway, its a Must Watch.


I just saw Tau recently. Wow. Very fascinating movie! I recommend it.


I watched that not long ago too, pretty awesome, another movie showing why we shouldn’t be playing with AI haha


I just binged Haunting of Hill House and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who can deal with spooky shows. It is sooo good.


Nightflyers…new show. 2 episodes in… going too binge watch the rest once they aired the entire season!


The Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol just started this week too lol. :slight_smile: :+1: