War backing

This is an extension on my previous idea about making war declarations public. But I think we can expand on that and make diplo a little more interesting.

Since illegal alliances are no longer a thing, I would like to see features in regards to interacting with other fams economically and not just through attacking each other.

I think a good place to start is war backing. I imagine an overhauled foreign relations page that shows all of the current wars throughout the galaxy.

There would be an option to “back” a family in a war. This would allow you to donate a percentage of your families income to the family being backed. The leader should be able to choose between gc, iron, end ect. or all of the above. There may need to be a cap on the % you can donate.

There are many reasons a family would want to support another family … perhaps they are being ganged up on by a few other families, maybe they are fighting a family that you are competing with, maybe they are being farmed by a much larger family, maybe the family you are donating to is the only thing standing between you and the warmongers that will surely come for you next.

I just think it would make diplo more interesting and engaging and put power in the players hands to balance the game.

… I also have another idea about military aid, where you can just straight up donate fleet to another family, but seems more complicated and possibly exploitable.


Love this idea

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I also support this idea. :ic_smile:

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That does sound sick to be fair, I like it!

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Great idea :smile:

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