Virgo mentor recruiting

Howdy y’all

Imperial conflict staff is looking again to recruit some more mentors to help the new members to ic, we are expecting a large influx of new players in the coming weeks possibly an need to plan ahead. Please message myself or pie if interested or just comment below thanks.

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Can we have a petition to close virgo. Received 2 fine virgo recruits this round they dont communicate, no understanding this is a team game, dont have basic infrastructure knowledge, but good thing they know how to build exploration ships…

Are you volunteering? If not keep scrolling

@Vash_the_Stampede every player can create polls in the forum. You’re more than welcome to start a petition.

However, you would be much more effective applying for a spot on the @Release_Team, as that is where we actually discuss changes for each release.

We will of course read and consider petitions that players create, but they are not guaranteed to result in any specific change. The @Release_Team guides our decisions, and is open for any players that are open to putting in the effort to brainstorm about these types of issues.

If you’re interested, you can find more info here.

Until we decide otherwise, however, Virgo isn’t going anywhere and this thread is specifically for those who wish to apply to be a Mentor.

:+1:. I maybe able to help.

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im in there like swim wear :smiley:

Hi all, looks like I’ll be back in Virgo if it is still there…

Dear Soull & Pie, I Apply to be Mentor in Virgo.

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I’d be happy to volunteer as a mentor

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