Imperial Update 2020.3

This one’s going to be short and sweet. The battle stuff we’ve been working on needs more time to bake. For now, there are no new features to report.

Other updates are below:

Team Refresh

Our @Release_Team gets scrapped and recreated after every release. This ensures activity but also gives members a break if they decide not to rejoin.

So: @JamesISunstorm, @Cells, and @Ratstail91, we thank you for your time and effort!

We are now accepting applicants for the team that will help direct this coming release.

If this is something you’re interested, you can:

  1. Let us know in this thread.
  2. Contact me on Discord.
  3. File a help ticket here.

The Dev Server

The dev server remains open to all players, even non Patreon subscribers. This is to help players test the upcoming battle changes.

Ticks are 1-minute, and all units are free.

Questions and comments are welcome here or in #support:questions and #support:feedback. As always, bug reports can be posted in #support:bugs and #roadmap:brainstorming is open if you have suggestions.

Thanks for reading!