VIP tag

Remember the VIP tag on your family page when you donated to the game back in the day (2002 ish) bring that back!



I do!
I also remember that fucking @daydreamer had that shit in his forum name it bugged out with him only. He had it for life in everything he posted.

Jebus… I am still jelleh at how secksy he was.
I still call out his name in bed sometimes.

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It fucking looked like that all the time.
When he had a VIP it said it fucking twice.


I miss DD.

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VIP is basically the same as the Patreon tag now. I suppose that @I_like_pie could change the Patron tag to VIP instead if he feels so inclined.

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Lol @ @daydreamer’s VIPVIP. That’s pretty funny.

@RenegadeDamon makes a good point though. We have the Patreon tag in the forums now, but it doesn’t show ingame anywhere. We should bring this back, but for all titles, including the tag-point titles.

I’ve added Display community titles in the game to #roadmap:to-do, feel free to continue the convo there. :+1:


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