Update: Inactives removed if starting resources are unused

We are now identifying inactives to include players who haven’t used any of their starting resources by the time the round starts.

Existing inactives have been removed, and in the future this will happen after the first tick.

I hope you also do a login check.

This is independent of the login checks that already happen, and supersedes them.

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Than please put up a warning somewhere in pre round hq msg

I can image a case where and attacker doesn’t built bor (because fam will go for bonus planets on ressie) and his aid isn’t needed until t=7 when the first expos land.

He has no real need to be online first 6h. If you don’t warn this person could get deleted for just chilling out.

i think one additional check is needed. maybe leader confirmation?


A warning is indeed planned, and this specific instance isn’t yet automated, to account for exceptions like the one mentioned.

Leader confirmation is a reasonable idea, but there’s no mechanism in place for that and no ETA on building out such a feature.

In the meantime, each case that matches this check will be reviewed individually at SoR.

To make it a little easier you could possible identify these scenarios by deleting people who:

  1. Don’t use starting resources by tick one
  2. Are marked inactive before tick one

That puts it in the hands of the leader whether or not the person gets deleted immediately

Just brainstorming


There’s an existing thread regarding improved handling below. More thoughts are definitely welcome. :+1:

What about if hc4e randoms a multi into my Fam builds lasers and doesn’t log in anymore? what do we do there? Guy needs to be deleted asap.