[TI] The Idiots - Last thread

The Idiots,

Apparently these are the last breaths of IC. Pie (I_like_pie) has officially announced the game would stop somewhere after new years.

Our members of TI, initially reffered to as a clan, later group of nimwits and after even friends, were always tied very tightly to the game. Even though most of us didn’t play anymore (seriously) after 2005, we somehow kept being alive in IRC and later discord.

To this very day I am proud many of us have been banned as well in game as in chat. Because we are the idiots. This is our way. However, Pie has granted me access to #general again one last time. It will not be forgotten Pie, it’s a nice gesture!

Anyway, this thread is here to get as many members of TI posting here as possible. I am not the founder, but I’m sure as hell he will post here soon. Nevertheless I will start.

I, TU, member of TI, aka the drunken one, posts! → Copy paste this and fill in your own details as you please. An additonal speach is welcome too.

Honourary mentions go to ordos, he was pretty much from the beginning amongst us and never left. Never acknowledges us but secretly does love us so cheers to him too.

I now bestow the words upon @TC the initial founder of our “clan”:


I, you_fool, the never invited one who hung out in mIRC #the_idiots and kay have played in one [TI] branded family, think you are all gay… anf also ok and alsobaad to see IC fade…




Well this is the end of an era! I have lots of thoughts and feelings about this and I may post more about it later if I can get over my laziness to do so.

For old time’s sake though: @Primo gay.

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I remember the first TI family we put together. We had no intention of being competitive but ended up being so anyway, somehow, even with 2 or 3 of us banned at any given point during the round.

So many hours spent sending millions of cash to @The_Unknown in increments of 1, until I figured out a glitch with my web browser that allowed me to send hundreds of requests a second.

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Only for TU to run his fleet into a lasertrap first chance he got

That was Sitting Duck X(

I’m pretty sure it was you, TU.
SD was a very capable attacker.


Is this a cult?

Yes, want to join ?

Yes, run

Erm ok how?

It’s a trap!

“Joining” isn’t a fair representation. “Get sucked in and never have a way of getting out” is more like it.

However, having had a few beers with some of #TI, I can confirm that, despite all the malicious things said about them, and all the bans and reprehensible behaviour, they are a set of complete f**king horrible folks.

I’ve found my people.


I was gonna wait and post ,but pie could take forums down soon. Earliest interaction with the idiots was in Irc chat. Getting kicked. A few known me from being in their chat, playing mafia together, or being allies. I never officially played in an idiot family. I always felt like an outsider. ,but from 2019-2020 ish. They accepted me got close to some. Joined the discord server. Have plans to get to together and meet one day. BBQ 2024. Had plans to meet a couple of em sooner. Jets does jets things. I am unique my own worst enemy. This is 10/10 the best cult I ever been in. And anyone that can put up with my bullshit is ok in my book.

We all make the little community work somehow and from a 20 plus year online game.



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I, Lateralis, am a little sad at this.

20ish years ago I played my first round in IC. Honorary and then full of TI for like 15 or so years. Goofing around in IRC, taking the p*** out of Amok. Meeting and drinking with other Idiots. Kind of weird that although I knew IC wouldn’t be around indefinitely, it feels strange that is coming to an end.

To all the Idiots, and to all of the many other people that made this game fun all those years ago, I salute you and will drink much beer in your name!



What idiots did you meet up with?

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Oh snap, Lat!

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This is a bunch of bullshit.