[TI] The Idiots - Last thread

First round was when I was twelve now 36 2/3 of my life been around this game . Part of me is happy to move on because I think I would always be coming around one way or another without a shutdown . Good luck all been fun. Keep life going.

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Wouldn’t it be great if we had a post from some of the old vets of the game as well. I just wish I had their emails…

On a threaded topic note, I never joined the idiots, LOL… but I’m certain I blocked a few from to time… love ya guys…

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To this very day I am proud many of us have been banned as well in game as in chat. Because we are the idiots. This is our way.

And also banned as a forum mod, that should get an honorary mention.

Started to write a eulogy, but this should indeed be a salute.
Here’s to the ones that we got. Cheers to the fact you guys were there and some even are still around. Cheers to Morblnde, and staying awake till the sun rose over Strasbourg back in 2003. Cheers to Primo for world record hide and seek (we know you’re there in the closet but it’s ok).

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I, arsy, member of TI, randomly chose to log onto IC today and find that it’s all ending… sad times!

I’ve now ended up wasting a wonderful couple of hours this afternoon venturing down a rabbithole of old IRC logs and reliving memories of TI - I’m 20 years older and no longer have a working memory/brain… here’s some of my favourites:

  • Spending hours and hours humping, licking, sex0ring and generally just fooling around in #idiots, #kod (trivia!), #mafia when I should’ve been studying, ended up failing a year of uni just so I could delay real life and hang out with you guys more
  • Kick the Welshie - whenever Ian joins #idiots, kick him and get points for however long it takes before he notices and rejoins
  • Decimus and his inappropriate one-liners, absolutely suitable for #idiots but not #mod
  • Meeting up with Wendy, Lat and Eltara for an evening of drunkeness. Never did end up enjoying a beer with the Belgian and Dutchie f00s though.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - kudos to Pie for keeping this community going all these years.

tips hat

PS. How do I get my [TI] tag?!

PPS. I found the TI entry on the super old IC Wiki… The_Idiots
My favourite entry is TC’s…
TC loves the bum :rofl:


I never actually played in an idiots fam. Was allied to a bunch of you guys at different points. deci had to cut out his tongue as the world is much to woke now. If you use discord I can bug TU to get you in the idiots discord server. A lot less kicking now a days. Thanks for posting. Memories is all we will have soon.

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jets, you are so right about Deci - it was a different world back then… but the joy of #idiots was you could say what you like and it was taken in jest. Everyone was an idiot in that chan.

My finest (?) memory of you is blocking your account for spamming uni news and then you moaning at me for hours afterwards. I will never get those hours back!

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Myself and Mrblonde, Amok was also there but not an idiot


I, MorkfraMork of Skratch…,

Has it been 20 years? I was in this game in the beta rounds, in House Atreides. What other families? Anyone remember? Crooked Pidgeon?

Switched to Ectroverse for faster ticks, But that’s undergoing revisions now, I think, so I checked back in here and was thrilled to find it has a one-minute galaxy. Is this the last round?

I used to love the forum bars. Had a ball weirding them out and wrecking them.