The rollback sucks

This really sucks for some of us who are playing with just two people…threw back our plans and messed up our surprise attack on a fam. Who is now coming after us because 24 hours doesn’t roll back in real life…real great!

This game is more fucked up than it was years ago. so much imbalance.

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@MisCHF and @kingray you are more than welcome to join our @Release_Team.

It is an open group for players who wish to help improve the game.

Thanks for your feedback.

the other alternative was to end Milky-Way intermediately, yes it sucks, but the game goes on. Our release is set for next round of Milkyway an we are not ready to push it early so we decided to use the backup.

Galactic Event - Everyone Hit a wormhole an went back into the past by 24 hours- use this time to decided what you did was such a good idea 24 hours ago, was that laser trap such a good idea to hit?


our family had a really good day and made lots of headway on a fam we were attacking. it was unfortunate the rollback happened because it wasn’t a benefit to us but regardless of who it affected it needed to happen, would have been a bigger shame to have ended the round.

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Was perfect for me, spent those 24 hours in bed ill, its like a day never actually happened =D

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All I said was it sucked not that you should have done anything else.

Wasn’t directed entirely at you

I see half my comment made it elsewhere lol … :sweat_smile:

I do appreciate the effort @I_like_pie and the developers put in the game.

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I appreciate that @MisCHF. :+1: I apologize too if my other post came off as grumpy. It was more intended to show support for the team.

We’re definitely going to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for understanding. :heart:

No worries m8, being grumpy is not a crime and yes the game is broken compared to 12 years ago but they are making changes or fixes depending on your point of view.