IC Rollback

Had a issue that was overlooked involving our Deletion Script and the Disabling of the auto logout Feature, Causing players to get deleted within the 7 Days we implemented that fix.

Here’s what We did

  • Disabled auto Deletion Script
  • Roll backed Server 24 hours roughly

We are taking Steps to prevent this from happening in the Future, with Development comes Issues like this, but we were not expecting this outcome, this is by far a worse case scenario, an on top of it all, tomorrow is Imperial Conflict 20th Anniversary. Cheers, Soul


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This it obviously something that none of us wanted to have happened, and we will learn from it. I will say though, that @Soull I have to disagree with you here:

I thought the same thing last night. I was trying to finish our YouTube video for our 20 year anniversary, which is a big part of a promotional push we’re about to do, which includes paid advertisement that we really can’t afford but are doing anyway because the game needs it.

This is horrible timing and an emergency with a bunch off pissed of players isn’t really the first impression I’d like a bunch of guests to see.

However, at the same time, a bunch of players kicked ass and helped us troubleshoot this live on Twitch, which was ridiculously helpful. Within just 1 hour of receiving the first report, together we identified the root issue, pushed out a fix, restored a backup, and made this post.

So, when players say things like this:

I can’t help but disagree.

Years ago we would go literally (yes, literally) years without hearing from our admin. If you had asked me during that time if we might have a critical issue fixed in real time and in collaboration with the players, I would have asked you why you’re messing with us.

So thank you @Soull, @Scouty_Rawr, @MTG_Dad, @TheBigOne, @Cells, and others for joining the effort and helping us turn a shitty situation into a less shitty situation.

Anybody impacted by this understandably has a right to be upset, and I totally get your frustration.

However, we’ve seen the worst case scenario, and it was years ago.

Feedback is welcome here, but please remember that this wasn’t exactly a stress free situation for the team either.

Thank you.


Posting https://foohonpie.atlassian.net/browse/IC-77 here for reference.

Thanks again everybody who helped! :heart: :muscle: :italianspidermanguy: