The Kings PvC pt.2

It’s finally here. Sorry it took so long, i have been really busy and quite honestly this takes a while. What i wanted to do was get a quote from every leader so if y’all read this let me know what you would like quoted under your fam. This is based off of tick 791.

1 #7129: Country road [92,59]

Well, not much surprise here, they have been number one since week one. I asked a friend of mine that used to play if he knew NW. This friend said, “nightwish been playing since i was in highschool, there was a round where he almost owned the entire galaxy” Seems to be very similar here as his fam is everywhere. Guess he will be singing “Country roads, take me home, to the place i belong”…oh y’all they are winning.

Updated Prediction: 1st place

2 #7127: ™Bringers v16.4Pens [68,7]

What i told ya? Darrk an co. (since they got upset I did not mention anyone else the first time) has been ripping through this round like it nothing, really good fam here and to be expected no doubt. If NW and fam were not having their way you could have expected this to be the fam to beat. Darrky said “We are just waiting for someone to piss us off or enter our blue blob, or if a ganbang starts then we will war until then we will enjoy our 500k a tick iron”

Updated Prediction: 2nd place

3 #7126: The BIG easy [16,71]
Third place never looked so good. This fam has been making strides all round. They look to be set to finish strong in 3rd place and probably have the best pax duo in recent MW rounds.

Updated Prediction: 3rd place

4 #7124: Halloween Surprise [11,19]

This fam was doing good until 29 decided to war them, then they were having a decent war and then other families started to hit them…so it wasnt even a one on one anymore (so much for the MW police, (fam 27)). Darn MW Vultures. Good 'ole Vic has done his best leading this fam, but not everyone wss too happy with his lead style and decisions. From unknown Naps to fighting one fam all round.

Updated Prediction: 4th place

5 #7122: Jungle Animals [89,88]

Well color me blind. They managed to get a bit organized and jump up to 5th place which is a welcoming surprise. Not too sure but i think when fam 26 fought with them it pumped a jolt of excitement into them and man did they fight, like wild animals on the hunt for prey.

Updated Prediction: top 6

6 #7120: The Chillexians [37,97]

Vultures? Saw the attacking another fam in the middle of a very difficult war. Or maybe that was fam 23… Then again this is MW…what do ya expect. Still though i love Hala and i am still shocked that he is leading a fam…i wonder if he will play again next roun…yea he won’t. Even though they have gained more planets they have not been able to move up much in ranks…just terrible.

Updated Prediction: top 6

7 #7128: DON’T PANIC! [48,25]

Big surprise to me. Did not expect this fam to be where they are but i think they also had to face the top fam while facing a smaller ine…seems to be NW style of play this round. Make the smaller fam do all the hard work then strike while they are not focused. sound good USA, i mean Nightwish…i was rooting for em, but what can you do.

Updated Prediction: top 7

8 #7121: end the round [81,36]

welp any hopes of Odrdos finishing top 5 died the moment thy had internal conflict…i mean it was a classic MW leadership take over/kamikaze war declaration…Good thing people didnt jump to attack, but i think activity died afterwards.

Updated Prediction: 8th place

9 #7123: Un-Named [34,47]

Well, at least they are not in last placed anymore. Autopilot to EOR me for 500!

Updated Prediction: 9th place

10 #7125: Pls meme [58,70]

This fam still exist I thought they be all auto deleted by now…uh, uh, ahh forget it. They dead, they do not exist. ill take a pls meme on rocks please, shaken not stirred.


If we were going to maul a fam for this it would be not be @Nightwish and @SCORP

It would be @Airwing and @Hala don’t ask me why they’ve jumped into a war like this. Pretty much just the “pile on people” they were last time they played.

I’ll ask the guys if they want to rape them for it.

This didn’t come to my attention till yesterday.


Also IN STUNNING NEWS - @Airwing is trying to bring back anon play.

Check the forums - and some of the most active are trying to allow it.

Fucking crazy imho.

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@Darrk Darrky I have given my opinions on those topics…and I am not mauling anyone as I have said Nightwish owns this round…but also the facts are the facts (maybe refutable). I ain’t calling no one out…I’m just providing entertainment…

If the shoe ah fit…mek him wear it

And yea, Anon play… That’s a huge topic.

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Honestly @kingray You really can’t fix people like that.

Excuses me? Get your facts straight. We were not going to be too much involved, but then Vicious declared wa r on us out of the blue.

Exactly from this moment :point_up_2:t2: we decided if they declare war on us, we can return that favor.

I’m not sure what your problem with me is @Darrk, but it seems you’re just making it a habit to blame me for everything nasty that happens in a galaxy I’m in, without getting both sides of the story. Being all nice on discord, but in forum making me a villain.

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I had no idea.
It was brought to me (by several sources) as your family was vulterering.

Figured with AW in your fam, and him declared FA - that it was planned.
@Hala @Airwing If this is true, then I apologize.

Don’t call me out for not stopping a 2v1, when (if all that is true) they brought it on themselves.

This post is 4 days old, I didn’t plan this whole scheme in advance to get my way in this thread :rofl:

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You couldn’t maul a fam even if the mauler himself crawled up your ass.

Vic cansled on us. – Fact.

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Lol. :wink:

Thank you for clearing up the canceling order.

Hehe np and i do like that you have your bigboy pants on today and post threats of breaking the pnap u made :stuck_out_tongue: The iron here is amazing, and i had a feeling those core shares of mine would come in handy :stuck_out_tongue: so if you wana break the pnap you made based on the falsenews…i guess its time to bring in the big boys into your core…that is if we wana play dirty… your know dirty is my game :stuck_out_tongue:

I think people may be catching on that I have not been reading the forums much over the last two weeks.
Fam chat has been fun. :innocent:


But now that you mention it I guess we will take the planets out of our core that we are owed via dpa - thanks for reminding me.

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A PvC at this point in round is proabably abit late hehe, but at the same time, a commentary on the round that passed is also welcome :).

To be fair, I did get called out in a pvc to jump into a war.

Like insulted to do so?

@Darrk I will repeat I’m not calling anyone out…I’m also not really accusing anyone of vulturing. Just tryna create entertainment…and make people talk. Lol. I apologize everyone who feels I’m accusing then of anything. Looking at you @Airwing @Hala.

@Noir my PvC was always a commentary the first and this one. It was never Jets “traditional” PvC just a way to talk nonsense and throw around bad jokes.

Plus I didn’t even want to do another one after the first. I was and am way too busy with work and what not. :upside_down_face:

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Nope @kingray - That is calling me out - to break a perm nap, and jump in a war someone else started.


Not mad, but there it is.

No not offended, you put a question mark there :rofl:

What about you @Airwing, you offended?

naw not offended at all… i am pro shitstorm…so please free to try to offend as much as you can… i actually like it ! :smiley: