An apology to Hala and Airwing

Good morning readers,

In the middle of the night, after being badgered a bit to jump in a war I was not paying any attention to, I accused you guys of 2v1-ing.

Apparently the fam canceled on you!
I do not know the specifics, but even if it was a total mistake - you would have to treat it like a legit threat, they were at least twice your size.

So here is a nice fat apology letter. :100:

On a more personal note.
@Hala - I personally have known nothing but honor in your personal play, and think some of the bad press you may have garnered earlier in the year was exceedingly situational. Not a direct result of your actions.

@Airwing - Since MW 67 you have actually played pretty clean, that is I why I have let you get your base up in our core after joining so late in the round. I certainly didn’t have to, it is a sign of respect for your decent play of late, much like our fam’s dealings with yours before you arrived.

@kingray - You are not the only person that has mentioned that I should get involved in that war, there have been several who suggested it.

'Ole Darrky


That’s too cute!

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Darrk, i always played clean ish… and its seems alot of people didnt think raiding early was clean that shitstorm round… but if u think back you and me did that to Hydro and WS the round before also :stuck_out_tongue: i completly agree early raids are shitty, but they are much more efficient than early skirmish. So what it boils down is a pure strategy.

And for the record i kinda hoped you would have joined the war :smiley: so i could take your planets… but thanks for the apology, there was no need for one, but it was a nice gesture anyway. Your still a n00b :smiley:

Oh wow lol 24 canceled on you? Haha thats messed up :joy:

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Thanks Darrk :heart:

No there never was a NAP. They just declared war on us, which we treated as such.

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I would expect nothing less, thank you for clarifying.
Again, sorry for my post in the other thread. :sparkling_heart:

Lol ok that makes sense i can see that mistake happening, lol ouch tho what a crappy mistake

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