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All Andro talk here

all disapproval of galaxy setup can go directly to me i guess :smiley: went thru many many tries an @TheBigOne finally said, it probably won’t get better. So Appreciate the efforts from TBO an Cells.

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fix the slots please :stuck_out_tongue:

:sunny: dayz are coming

Yeah what Hala said


@Soull Thank you for taking care of my problem :v:

Did the pills help?
I hear it’s normal at your age.


Now that’s cute :sunglasses:

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Bring back the Universe news tracker… have no idea whats going on between fams anymore and don’t feel like talking to you freaks to find out :laughing:


Happy cake day swagga!

@Lord_Pickle I’ve been waiting to FK UP someone’s round :sunglasses:
How did you get to be leader of The Greatest Bunch Of PZZYS In The Omniverse???
How much REAL LIFE MONEY have they paid you to Assassinate Swagga :sunglasses:!!!
Look at this here, you Nizzlez: NO STINKIN’ HONOR WHATSOEVER LOL!!!

Apparently you guys are more brainless than I.
I had 18 planets, now it’s 15, and you’re gonna wond3r why I’m Pissed?
You’re the same guys that shamelessly plug my name in your Slanderous Defamatory “white Lies”.
And yet, here you Veteran Noobz ARE… …Starting an Expo War- How sw33t.

@Ordos234 HARD PASS, Solid Thanks, But, NO THANKS :sunglasses:
By the way, you’re in the same wuss fam, and my homie @kingray is leading- Ain’t that some shizz, Nizzlez.

@kingray @Pitbull1 You have the same Modus Operandi.
I accept the CHALLENGE!!!

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@Ordos234 I must apologize about the cake- I didn’t know what the hell you were talking about.
Thank you!
[email protected]

wtf am I the only one who can’t make any sense of the above two posts?



I think he is angry you took 3 planets.

My 2 cents

Don’t you “FK UP” your own family’s round every round? :smiley:

@Lord_Pickle It’s easy to blame everything on the leader, although all the players in a family have responsibilities. There’s more to it than just Swagga holding up a family.
You have the dynamics of the family to think about.
And for the record: I’m usually in small, undrafted fams, and are the only attacker.
So considering the circumstances, your comment is misplaced.
However, I do have a record of fighting larger fams than mine, or ones of the same size.
And no one can call me a farmer, or wuss.
I also practice playing with Honor.
When was the last time anyone has seen an evenly matched fam fight it out for the top ranks? Usually it’s a farm fest on smaller fams by larger fams. I hardly call that competition unless you’re in the smaller fam.
Everyone is entitled to their own perspective- at least get the facts straight & in proper context.
Thanks for your time.
P.S: All tough talk aside; You’re a skillful player & not a puss, so I am surprised you are in the same fam as your comrades. That’s what I ment in my above comments.
Please forgive me- I’m practicing not being an ass.
I’m just setting my $100 worth on the table.

Lol yea was just joking. My fam is all randoms except Hala.