The hive

Yeah but you guys have mostly seasoned experienced veterans.
My fam is composed of newly returned players who are just getting their feet wet.
They have to learn how to swim again so to speak.
That makes an enormous difference.
Essentially I’m leading a Virgo fam vs Salty ranked players.
I’m lucky if they chill in the discord channel to organize things.
Don’t get me wrong- I’m making the best of it, and I have players working with me, but we need better intra fam interactions. We have just had some serious set-backs.
But hey- it’s a game. I’m playing the hand I’m dealt.
Just sayin’ perhaps all this should be taken into consideration & put in proper context:
@kingray I, Swagga, am the Jack Of Spades

I’m not sure what’s going on, can’t tell if I’m being offended or complimented…I’m not really leading actually. I’m just there…


Swagga just stop leading and learn how to play more roles than Kamikaze and you may be useful. Maybe bank and learn some other skills , get a bigger bag of tricks than a ripped grocery bag dropping you spoiled lettuce

I still stand by my previous comment, but the ‘two’ is now ‘bunch of’.



@kingray Story Of Your Life:

@Swagga Jack Of Spades

And I am the KING…:wink:

A Paper Puppet King that consistently can not control his people is a King in name only.

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@Swagga is that why you have to send each member of my fam a message on whether we want a NAP? Thinking I don’t get to decide?

Kingray is our true master! All decisions must go through him first. Disobedience will get you the Orbit treatment.

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@Swagga I remember playing a round with you a little while back and you disagreed with every suggestion I made, specifically around how to spend our resources and grow eco.

I got pissed off with your stupidity and you thinking I was a noob, so I stopped playing and you killed me off.

Our family is seriously unorganised , but we do mostly have brain cells, therefore we have actually grown since SOR.

I love this bit :sweat_smile: Yeh, you can’t be called a farmer if you’re rock bottom.

Go get it my man!

p.s I had no idea this was even happening :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@Ordos234 Take your meds and pass them to your fam plz. Your guys are having delusions of grandeur.

@Luker8969 Really? This is the first time you’ve ever spoken to me. I know you refused to come to chat or respond to in game messages, and you were inactive. So yes I killed you.
That’s how that works.

P.S: I am perfectly imperfect- I’m human; I make my mistakes, learn from them, adjust, & move on.
Some things are beyond my control so I make the best of it.
You guys are still talking about stuff I did years ago like it was yesterday.
It’s like I traumatized you.
So once again all I can do is apologize for my past behavior.

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@Swagga I don’t know how that answers my question…plus I have nothing against you :grimacing:

@kingray I started something. I’m not answering any questions, I’m criticizing.
You’ve contradicted yourself.
I don’t have anything personal against you either.
I’m just in character.

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If you are roleplaying @Swagga maybe move this to the old forum that had a roleplay topic.

@Acitorer It was once said, “All the world is a stage…” -Shakespeare:

Glad to meet you, Nooby Doo! Ain’t anyone playing games- Step in line & get with the program: Play Nice

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