The Best of Times

We couldn’t attack for several ticks after T-72.
We knew that wrecked us, and by proxy let the top fam trash us.
We tried a ton to cover it up and move stuff around. My big drop was our last ditch effort to show I would flip to an opper.
The Loony Tunes did nothing wrong.
I never told anyone playing (outside the fam) what was happening. For a while it looked like we were going to be able to cover it.

I played 44 of 42 ticks.

Greetings fearless readers!

I just played the most fun SoR in the most fun family that I have ever played in. This is the story.

Bringers of Dice: "How lose a round and win IC".


  1. 'Ole darrky running econ. :penguin:
    (@Ved and @Random will tell you this a horrible idea, and anyone who allows this should be publicly shaved :sheep:). Honestly, most of my friends would say that. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
  2. An SS “banker” who will not use Discord and took speed to grab bonus planets. :money_with_wings:
  3. A 60 hour coms loss of the soul of the family. High energy player who built our Discord server, picked the theme, and brought a healthy enthusiasm to a round we hadn’t seen in a long time. :heart_hands:
  4. A guest appearance by one of the old guard (a not hiding Ved). :blowfish:
  5. A modern family leader who is playing anon that had an unmatched amount of complex shit put on his table and handled it like a pro. Some of this stuff was so far out on a limb it is amazing he never once complained. :ninja:
  6. An attacker who isn’t the greatest English speaker and uses abbreviations and slang from whatever country he is from in every single line of text. Who wound up being the ROCK STEADY player in the entire family. Aided the family without hesitation, made a mint off the market, filled up the core, passed planets, and sat there when we asked him too. :gorilla:
  7. A returning standard player that would have benefited greatly if this was anything close to a normal SoR. :man_student:

Tick 1-60: “Oooh the memories: The smell of an epic round”

  1. I miss the first two ticks bullshitting with hidden :ninja: about how much we have wanted to be in the same fam for so long.
  2. :money_with_wings: agrees to not explore bonus planets.
  3. :gorilla: (I have serious trouble reading) does his build and aids in full.
  4. :blowfish: shows up and agrees to play 10p Pax for us because the :heart_hands: is awol.
  5. :man_student: explores in nearest neighbor core. Not realizing how fast Camaar is.
  6. Completely hidden family initiates diplo, I am as deferential as always to polite players. 20 line conversation, and a couple of paint drawings poof nice and easy peazy.
  7. :ninja: has an awesome start.
  8. I run my standard Slop Banking family wide. Activity is key! Even by my personal standards activity was HELLA high. These doods are coming together like a patchwork mosaic.

Tick 60 (ish): “Something Stinks: But fuck me doods - we GOT THIS!”

  1. This family is so fun and their times are so all over the place, it was Labor Day weekend - and I had to blow off some steam so I was already at 24 straight ticks.
  2. :ninja: completes first great jump. We become the top fam in size and start closing the legit NW gap.
  3. “Mystery Man” of the top fam explos across the map and put two planets right in our core. He is a 10p Camaar with like 11k NW, which never rises again.
  4. We finish FB and a couple critical 50% and 100% builds and put the fam on full save.
  5. We time :ninja: jump perfectly through the night. His Infra is razed and rebuilt to build the fleet with an 80%++ con.
  6. :heart_hands: returns! Aids in! So selfless! I don’t think he even put down infra.
  7. Tick 66: :money_with_wings: logs in, ignores all tricks I have to get a message to a dood. I even changed the Commonmark code (Markdown Reference) to make the Leader message a bright white bubble. :white_large_square: ← look it up. :money_with_wings: puts a bid up for 20k iron up at 12 and logs off with 400k on him. I sell him iron on the market because we need about 250k more cash.
  8. Tick before the fleet comes in, (I think) we finally are first in Size and NW.

Tick 71: “The Calm: Wish in one hand…”

  1. I post that DOPE ass war declare thread accompli with no malice. Facts only. Game allows the tactic, we signed up for an Anon gala, I use my own unmistakable race name style, and Ved is old school as well and is not hiding at all.
  2. We change fam name from Para_Dice to Bringers of Dice. I mean it is us, doing very “us” things, we aren’t pussies, so we fly the flag.
  3. We declare war so we can hit the “Mystery Man” without trashing infra.

Tick 72 on: “The Galactic Overseers”

  1. War Declare has new functionality! You now cannot hit a player under 25% even in war! :exploding_head:

Tick 73-75:


In the ensuing counter plays to this as our window for this clear was closing, involved having to demolish :ninja:'s Infra entirely for the second time in 12hours. To rebuild a third time would be with his trashed Con%.

:ninja: was able to clear the “Mystery Man” but even had to trash a massive chunk what surly was “tomorrow’s fleet”.

We tried just a ton of things to right the ship.
So much I won’t list.

“Omg darrky, you guys have to have the coin, why didn’t you dismantle them with ops?!”
“Never op first, op last”.

:man_student: “Why don’t we kill out the :money_with_wings:?”
“Because people hate that shit. I agree with you 100%, but you gotta get the whole fam to agree first. This round, and this situation is more important to the game then bouncing yet another selfish player.”

“You could come back from this!”
“I” might. However I wouldn’t put my old and new friends through what that would mean.
“Mainly because we were prepared to fight them. However the game itself is what we were fighting.”

“Why would they do this?”
Game allows it!


oh Darrky, sorry you had to go through that. Sucks that a code line trashed the makings of a good round. Hope you stick around for next Round


You always make many words! I read some :person_shrugging: go win, no excuses, kill or be killed, is sentinel not a thing anymore?

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Sometimes words are necessary.


I added like a million emojis for you this time. I’ll ask @I_like_pie to make the next forum scratch and sniff.

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I like to sniff!


First proper round back and ive not built any infra since Friday because we had to pool all resources.

Im a small camaar and not been given any money for fleet to do retakes. Just endless aiding and watching leaders friends get all the stuff and fuck it up completely.

Bore fest of biblical proportions.


You deffy got the shortest end of the attention stick.

You did ask “what is going on?” when you popped into chat - so I typed it up for you in the first post.

Sorry your fist round back was this shitty. I wish we could of worked with you proper.

You did aid in tho, so thank you. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the post thanks


Very well put. It bums me out that a game issue threw such a wrench into things. A post like this goes a long way to helping us correct this stuff so thank you for the details. :+1:

Also @TheTao thanks for your input as well. Your experience is one of several that demonstrate why the game needs to better support SS play; nobody should ever feel bored regardless of what the family plan is.

I had a good talk with @Darrk about all of this, and am going to digest this and some other issues into actionable dev work. This experience will not have been in vain.

Stay tuned.


Thank you @I_like_pie , truly @TheTao should not have been just gobbled up by the issues like he was. Him having a bad few days in such a wildly active family sucked.

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