Terra round 5 Starting 1/2/2019 15:00GMT!

Hey everyone, Terra round 5 is ready to join. Get your teams together quickly as I hope for it to start tomorrow.

Starting Resources - 50x
Minimum Planets Per System - 3
Maximum Additional Planets per System - 0
Morale - Classic
IA - Strongly discouraged
Market Delay - 48 tics
Attack Delay - 48 tics
Number of Cores - 0
Max Number of Defense Stations - 3
Galaxy Run Time - Start: 12/30 15:00GMT End: 5 weeks after start 15:00GMT
Families - 2
Family Size - 8
Draft spots per family - 8



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May request the start to be extended 24/48 hrs if we do not have many signups later today.

Nice, signed up. This will be my first time in Terra.

Sorry guys, I am going to have the round reset and start on Jan 2nd. To try and keep fams even we are going to have just 2 big fams. USA vs Russia. Will let you know when new round is created.

Sounds good. I was puzzled as to why it seemed to have disappeared, then I saw this.

There is an issue with fam size, it should be two fams of 8 but it was set up with 2 fams of three. Will let you guys know when more slots are added.

Pie has fixed the family size issue, go ahead and join now while you can.

Joined both times it was up and third time unlucky now its full :frowning:

ya same here. It feels like you guys kept restarting til you go who you wanted in there. Now I cant get in even though I was already signed up. Why not just extend the start instead of deleting and starting over with dif people.

It was restarted because we only had like 10 sign ups and the round was about to start. Then it was restarted again because an error was made and only two fams of three were made instead of two fams of eight.

I would have requested more planets per system and bigger families if I knew this many people were going to be interested, but historically and even from the initial start up, we have been getting very low numbers.

I have heard reports of bugs where units that were being built all of a sudden disappeared. The leader of the Russians is asking for round to end/restarted. Will only do this if most people agree.

Restart the Round?

  • Yes
  • No

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I mean if that is legit, yea - who wants to win a round due to bugs?
Also, You guys don’t really need me - you could trade me over to AW’s fam.

If round is reset do you want:

  • Same setup USA vs Russia, full drafts
  • Traditional setup (one smaller fam on each continent)
  • #@!$ Terra! I am not playing!

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i started trannies yesterday when science was high, they are gone or never finished…i noticed today when i jumped fleet.

Rivan started agents today, which suddenly dissapeared from que, never finished.

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Russian tech man.


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also this works well for the US fam, which is atm getting raped :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s fair to reset if glitches are causing losses. As to the setup, I’m game for anything.

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more spots so can join also ":stuck_out_tongue: