Terra round 5 Starting 1/2/2019 15:00GMT!

how do i sign up for this

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Sent request to Mod team to restart the round. Re-opening with larger fam size and more planets

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SO the russian fam wins? :o

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Fine by me.

We had no show main banker.

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I am fine with that so long as I am named “Best All Rounder”.
Never won that one in the old HoF.

it sound like your fam needs a better coordinator :smiley:

Or a main banker that doesn’t sleep 12h with 1.2 mill gc on hand just before a war.

is this the coordinator defending himself? :smiley:

Terra is open once again. Come on in. @SCORP

The Russians could still use a few more players … SSers welcome

Sounds kinda racist when u say that

No way man… I have a friend at work who is SS.

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