Terra Round 4 Hardcore with HC MAP!

Tick Speed - 15 mins
Starting Resources - 50x
Minimum Planets Per System - 5
Maximum Additional Planets per System - 0
Morale - Hardcore
IA - No
Market Delay - None
Attack Delay - 48 tics
Number of Cores - 0
Max Number of Defense Stations - 3
Galaxy Run Time - Saturday Sept 1st 15:00GMT - Sunday Sept 9th 15:00GMT
Families - 4
Family Size - 5
Draft spots per family - 5
Map mode - HC


sign me up :smiley:

For anyone wondering what a Hardcore Map is, it is just the normal map but with some features removed to make things even more challenging.

For example map “yamas” have been removed

You will not be able to easily see where other families are located, you will need to check your systems to make sure nobody is creeping in.

Unexplored systems map option has also been removed, you will not be able to easily see where the empty planets are.

Should make for an entertaining round.

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updated the post with the join link for the hyper server

And shout out to Pie for getting the HC map set up so quickly!

  1. I will join if anyone will have me.

  2. If people want i can do a PvC for this as well

hop on in, we still have 16 spaces left


do you smelllllll-la-la-la, what the Wolf is cookin!? :joy::joy:

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